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Updated: Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from publiczine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

The A-Zone & A Decade of Anarchy in Chicago (.PDF) - Anarchist History

AAAHHrte!!! 2016(.PDF) -  Portuguese Language, Zines, Compilations, Art, Comics, Litmag, Mixed Media, Artists, Indigenous, Nude, Neon, Poetry, Brazil, Collage, Illustration, Prose, Writing, Photography

AAAHHrte!!! 2017(.PDF) -  Portuguese Language, Zines, Compilations, Art, Comics, Litmag, Mixed Media, Artists, Punk, Music, Hardcore, Poetry, Brazil,

AAAHHrte #22(.PDF) Portuguese Language, Fanzines, Zines, Collection, Punk, Art, Comics, Writing, Illustrations, Music 

ABC's Mini Guide to Protesting(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Resistance, Tactics

Abolish Restaurants - A Worker's Critique of the Food Service Industry(.PDF) - Labor

Abolish Whiteness (.PDF) - Race/Privilege/Identity

The Abolition of Work(.PDF) - Labor 

Abolition Zine(.pdf) Justice, Philosophy, Freedom, Liberation, Liberty, Rebellion, Art, Illustration, Normality, School, Incarceration

An Abolitionist Response to Slavery and Racism(.PDF) - Race/Privilege/Identity

Aboriginies in Australia (.PDF) - Indigenous/Native Cultures

Access to the Resources of Biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples(.PDF) - Indigenous/Native Cultures

La Accion Sometida a la Critica (.PDF) - Spanish Language, Anarchism

Accomplices, Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex - An Indigenous Perspective (.PDF) - Race/Privilege/Identity, Indigenous/Native Cultures

Accounting For Ourselves (.PDF) - Assault/Consent, Anarchism

Acids (.PDF) - Science, Chemistry, Minizine, Childrens

Activism As Fetishism(.pdf) (Ann Deslandes, Dec. 2009) - Activist Guides, Fetish, Christianity, Political Theory, History, Australia, Capitalism, Commodities, Psychoanalysis, Sebastian Salgado, Photography, Protest, Brazil, Solidarity, Activism

Activist Approach to Domestic Violence, An(.pdf) Activism, Assault, Relationships, Abuse, Sexual Violence

Activist Catering Guide(.PDF) - Activism, Food Service, Food Zine

Activist Trauma & Recovery(.PDF) - Activism, Mental Health

Activists and Difficult People(.PDF) - Activism, People Skills

An Activist's Guide to Basic First Aid (.PDF) - Activism, First Aid, DIY Guide

An Activist's Guide to Information Security(.PDF) - Activism, Privacy, Security Culture

Adios Catalonia! In the Aftermath of the Spanish Civil War(.PDF) - History, Spain

Adventurer's Guide to Actions in Combat!, The(.PDF) (Pom Machine) - DIY Guide, Gaming, D&D, Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Adventures in Video Game Culture(.pdf) - Nerd Culture, Technology, Computers, Arcades, Gaming, Games, Super Mario, E3, Video Games, Walter Day, The Minibosses, Le Tigre, Intellivision, Pinball, Reviews, Piracy, Skiing, Pac Man, Nintendo

Affinity Groups - Essential Building Blocks of Anarchist Organizing(.PDF) - Anarchism, Activism

African Anarchism: The History of a Movement (PDF) - Africa, Anarchism, History

African Socialism - An Anarchist Critique(.pdf) Socialism, Political Theory, Africa, Anarchism, Marxism, Human Rights, Electoralism, Capitalism, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Corruption, Military

The Afrikan Road to Anarchism(.PDF) - Africa, Race, Anarchism

After Prison(.PDF) - Earth Liberation, Green Anarchism, Prisons & Policing

Aftermath of a Gulf War (.PDF) - War, History, Military

Against Assemblies: Organization, Democracy, & the Left(.PDF) - Activism, Democracy

Against Bullfighting and Human Exploitation(.PDF) - Animal Abuse, Green Anarchism, Bullfighting

Against Colonialism & Fundamentalism(.PDF) - Race/Privilege/Identity, Imperialism

Against Communism, Against Capitalism: The New Asian Revolution(.PDF) - Communism/Socialism, Capitalism, Asia

Against Competition(.PDF) - Art theory, Cultural Studies, Teaching Resources, Education

Against Education: For the Abolition of School(.PDF) - Teaching Resources, Education

Against His-Story, Against Leviathan(.PDF) - History, The Bible, Christianity, Feminism

Against Nationalism(.PDF) - Imperialism, Political Theory

Against Pacifist Liberty(.pdf) (Tom Nom(A)d) - Violence, Non-violence, Activism, Political Theory, Pacifism, Protest, Direct Action, Social Change, Revolutionary Struggle, Military, Police, Tactics

Against Schools and the Tyranny of Compulsory Schooling(.PDF) - Teaching Resources, Education, Political Theory

Against Social Networks and the False Communities of Capital(.PDF) - Internet, Social Media, Community, Political Theory

Against Technology(.PDF) - Anti-Civilization, Political Theory, Technology

Against the Airport & Its World(.PDF) - Anti-Civilization, Air Traffic, Transportation

Against the Logic of Submission(.PDF) - Anarchism, Political Theory

Against the Romance of Community Policing(.PDF) - Policing, Cops, Neighborhood Watch

Against War and Pacifist Bliss(.PDF) - Anti-War, Pacificism, Militarism, Political Theory

Against White Supremacy - Screw the Klan, the Confederacy, and the Cops(.PDF) - Race, Privilege, Identity, White Supremacy, Cops, History

The Age of Conspiracy(.pdf) Law Enforcement, Arrests, Protests, Activists, History, Conspiracy Charges

Agitation Education(.PDF) - Radical Schooling, Student Resistance, NYC, Activism

Ah! #1(.pdf) (Tessia Bekelja) - Collage, Art, Love, Prose

Ah! #2(.pdf) (Tessia Bekelja) - Collage, Art, Love, Prose

Albania, Laboratory of Subversion(.PDF) - Insurrection, Albania, Anarchism, History

All Our Relations - Native Struggles for Land & Life(.PDF) - Native American, Indigenous Peoples, Culture, Colonialism

All Work Work(.PDF) (Miku Maria) Collage, Art, Minizine, Illustration

Alternatives to Police(PDF) - Policing, Laws, Activism

America's Taliban in Its Own Words(.PDF) (David W. Irish) - Christianity, Evangelism, Religious Right, Pat Robertson, Fundamentalism, Jerry Falwell, Spiritual Warfare, Laws, Politics, Justice System, Patriarchy, The State, Racism, Anti-Semitism

Amina(.PDF) - Perzine, Relationships, Love

Anarca-Islam(.PDF) - Anarchism, Islam, Religion, Political Theory

Anarcha-Feminism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Feminism, Political Theory

Anarcha-Feminists' Subjective Perspectives of Anarcha-Feminism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Feminism, Political Theory

Anarchic Practices in the Territory Dominated By the Chilean State(.PDF) - Anarchism, Activism, Chile, Latin America

Anarchism & Sex(.pdf) Political Theory, Anarchism, Sexuality, Consent, Relationships, Free Love, Activism, Anarchists, BDSM, Victorianism, Sex Work, Pornography, Kink, Deviancy

Anarchism and AIDS Activism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Health, AIDS, HIV, Political Theory, Disease

Anarchism and American Traditions(.pdf) (by Voltrairine de Cleyre) Political Theory, Anarchism, USA, United States, History, Revolution, Culture, Patriotism, Rebellion, Nationalism

Anarchism and Christianity(.PDF) - Anarchism, Christianity, Religion, Political Theory

Anarchism and Crime(.PDF) - Anarchism, Law, Policing, Crime, Political Theory

Anarchism and Revolution in Black Africa(.PDF) - Anarchism, Activism, Africa, Political Theory

Anarchism and the English Language(.PDF) - Anarchism, Linguistics, Language, English, Political Theory

Anarchism - The Feminist Connection(.PDF) - Anarchism, Feminism, Political Theory

Anarchism Triumphant - Free Software and the Death of the Copyright(.PDF) - Anarchism, Technology, Political Theory, Intellectual Property, Open Source

Anarchism - What It Is and What It Ain't(.PDF) - Anarchism, FAQ, Political Theory

Anarchism vs. Socialism(.pdf) (WM. C. Owen 1922) Political Theory, Anarchism, Socialism, Activism, Capitalism, 

Anarchist Basics(.PDF) - Anarchism, Activism, Political Theory

Anarchist FAQ (2017)(.PDF) - Anarchism, FAQ, Political Theory

Anarchist Feminism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Feminism, Political Theory

An Anarchist Guide to Dumpster Diving(.pdf) DIY Guide, Food, Waste, Capitalism, Mutual Aid, How-To, FAQ, Anarchism

An Anarchist Introduction to Critical Race Theory(.PDF) - Anarchism, Race, Identity Politics, Privilege, Political Theory

Anarchist Parenting(.PDF) - Anarchism, Parenthood, Children, Political Theory, Education

An Anarchist Response to the Nihilists(.PDF) - Anarchism, Nihilism, Philosophy, Political Theory

Anarchist Survival Guide For Understanding GESTAPO Swine Interrogation Mind Games(.PDF) - Anarchism, Policing, Political Theory

The Anarchistic Queer #1(.PDF) - Anarchism, LBGTA+, Gender, Queer Zines, Political Theory

Anarchists Hate Racism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Racism, Privilege

Anarchists in the Turkish Uprising(.PDF) - Anarchism, Revolution, Activism, Turkey, The Middle East

Anarcho-Pacifist(.PDF) - Anarchism, Pacifism, Political Theory, War, Philosophy, Activism

Anarchosyndicalism Theory and Practice(.PDF) - Anarchism, Activism, Political Theory

Anarchy and Alcohol(.PDF) - Anarchism, Sobriety, Alcoholism, Health, Addiction


'And It Will Never Be the Same'(.pdf) (by Vaiva Kovieraité-Trumpé) Collage, Poetry, Prose, Illustration

And Still I Rise - A Zine About Domestic Violence(.PDF) - Domestic Assault, Consent, Violence, Relationships

Anemoia #1: Clisson Castle(.PDF) (Anusha Rung) History, Middle Ages, Castles, Architecture, Ruins, Photograph


Anonymity Security(.PDF) - Internet, Privacy, Security Culture

Answers For White People on Appropriation, Hair, and Anti-Racist Struggle(.PDF) - Race, Privilege, Cultural Appropriation, Identity Politics, Culture, Fashion

Anthropozine #1(.PDF) Sustainability, Ecology, Climate Crisis, Student Activism, Notre Dame, College, Environmentalism, Parks, Nature

The Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism(.PDF) - Feminism, Sexism, Gender Studies, Identity Politics

Anti-Mass(.PDF) - Collectivism, Activism, Organizing

Anti-Patriotism(.PDF) - Nationalism, Imperialism, Activism

Anti-Racism Resources for Allies(.PDF) - Race, Racism, Allies, Allyship, Activism, Mini-zine

Anti-Semitism and Revolution(.PDF) - Activism, Jewish Culture, Anti-Semitism

An Antidote - Reflections on Queer Shame(.pdf) (Jan. 2020) - Queer, LGBTQA+, Comics, Illustration, Art, Relationships, Love, Gender, Trans, Men, Masculinity

Antifa(.pdf) Antifascism, Minizine

ANTIFA Super Soldier Training Manual #1 - Strength Training(.pdf) Exercise, Lifting, Weights, Bodybuilding, Barbells, Dumbbells, Athletic Training, Powerlifting, Body Positivity, Activism Guide, DIY Gym, Nutrition, Muscles

Antisemitism - Its History and Causes(.PDF) - History, Jewish Culture, Anti-Semitism

Antonia(.PDF) - History, Antonia, Missouri, Mastodons, Memories, Cemetery, Hometown, Bulltown, School, Perzine

Ants(.PDF) - Science, Mini-Zine, Insects, Children's

Are Anarchism and Democracy Opposed?(.PDF) - Anarchism, Democracy, Political Theory

Are the Streets Still for Dreaming?(.pdf) - Beirut, Lebanon, Skateboarding, Punk, Thrash, Metal, Urban, Subculture, Mid-East, Middle East, DIY Scene, Photography, Underground Music

Are You An Anarchist?(.PDF) - Anarchism, FAQ

Argentina: Poverty and the Militarization of Society(.PDF) - Class, Argentina, Latin America, Military

Armed Joy(.PDF) - Gun Rights, Weapons, Anarchism

Arms and the Women(.PDF) - Gun Rights, Weapons, Feminism, Self-Defense

The Art and Science of Billboard Improvement(.PDF) - Advertising, Defacement, Wheat Pasting, Graffiti, Billboards

Art of Cinema - Zine of My Favorite Movies(.PDF)  Minizine, movies, cinema, films

Art Through Intimidation - The Flyers of Black Flag(.PDF) - Black Flag, Punk Flyers, Art, Illustration, Graphic Art, 1980s, Art History, Music History

Articles of Secession(.pdf) Humor, Philosophy, Ithaca, New York, United States

Artifacts - Decadent Performance Era at ABC No Rio (.PDF) - Theatre, ABC No Rio, NYC, Squats, Performance, History

As Soon As You're Born, They Make You Feel Small(.PDF) - Children, defense, psychology, kids, parenthood, radical parenting


As The World Burns(.PDF) - Climate Crisis, Climate Change, Graphic Novel, Eco-Anarchism

Asexy Life(.PDF) - Asexuality, LBGTQA, Relationships

Ask First(.PDF) - Sexual Assault, Survivors, Violence, Consent, Relationships, Resources

Assemblage Collective Reconnection Zine #2(.PDF) Students, Lockdown, Pandemic, COVID, Coronavirus, College, Art, Poetry, Collage, Miyazaki

Astrology - Fraud or Superstition?(.PDF) - Astrology, Pseudoscience

At The Cafe - Conversations on Anarchism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Political Theory, Activism

Atamansha - The Life of Maria Nikiforova(.PDF) - Russian Revolution, Anarchism, History, Feminism, Ukraine

Attitude Adjustment - On Being Crazy in a Crazy World(.PDF) - Comics, Mental Health

Auto Defensa Para Mujeres(.PDF) - Spanish Language, Self-Defense, Women

Autonomous Resistence to Slavery and Colonization(.PDF) - Activism, Slavery, Colonialism, Imperialism, Racism

Autonomous Self-Organization & Anarchist Intervention(.PDF) - Activism, Organizing, Anarchism, Political Theory

Avant Gardening Spring 2015(.PDF) - Seedlings, Vegetables, Gardens, Resistance, Growing Food, Lawns, Water, Recipes, Poetry, Composting, Chickweed, Dandelions, Nature

Away With All Cars(.PDF) - Transportation, Society, Cities, Cars, Automobile, Traffic, Congestion, Pollution

Awkward at the Doctor(.PDF) - Queer, Healthcare, LGBTQA, Homophobia, Transphobia

Ayn Rand and the Pervasion of Libertarianism(.PDF) - Libertarian, Ayn Rand, Anarcho-Capitalist, AnCap, Individualism, Free Market, Political Theory

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