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Updated: Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023

***WRONG LINKS FIXED 11.20.23***

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Baby Bloc #4(.PDF) -  Radical Parenting, DIY Guide, Parenthood, Childbearing, Kids, Children, Schooling, Fatherhood, Motherhood, Families, Queer, LGBTQA, Teenagers, Pregnancy, Activism, Disability

Back From Hell - Black Power and Treason to Whiteness Inside Prison Walls(.PDF) - Black History, Prisons, Abolition, Whiteness, Racism, Identity

Back Up(.PDF) -  Resistance, Activism, Criminals, Women, Anticapitalism, Oppression, Rebellion, Self-Care, mental Health, Feminism, Girls, Disease, Health, Slovenia

Background Noise(.PDF) - Art, Poetry, Perzine, Photography, Sculpture, Memories, Writing, Abandoned Spaces

Bacteria or Virus(.PDF) -  Science, Disease, Mini-Zine

Bad Music for Bad People #1(.PDF) Minizine, Music, Bands

Bait Bag - A Zine About Climate Change(.PDF) - Climate Change, Future, Children, Art, Writing, Parenting, Women, Non-Binary

The Bandit Zine Presents Radical Self Love (.PDF) -  Mental Health, Self-Care, Body Image, Body Positivity, Self Esteem, Writing, Poetry, Illustration, Art, Consent

The Bandit Zine - Feminism(.pdf) (TW: Sexual Assault) - Feminism, Intersectionality, Poetry, Art, Teenagers, Body Positivity, Consent, Abuse, Writing, Marriage, Queer, LGBTQA+, Drag, Gender, Women, Relationships, School, Family

The Bandit Zine - Gender Stories(.pdf) Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Queer, LGBTQA+, Gender, Body Dysmorphia, Trans, Pronouns, Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Memories, Family, Femininity, Masculinity

The Bandit Zine - R*pe Culture & Sexual Assault(.pdf) (TW - R*pe, Sexual Assault) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Comics, Collage, Consent, Sexual Violence, Control, Catcalling, Trauma, Street Harassment

The Bandit Zine - Alt Fashion & D.I.Y.(.pdf) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Fashion, Modeling, Alt Models, Affordability, Street Wear, Drag, Sewing, How-To Guide, Body Positivity, Tutorials, Shapewear, Thrifting, Queer, Pin-up

The Bandit Zine - The Sex Issue(.pdf) (TW - R*pe, Sexual Assault) Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Sexuality, Love, Relationships, Stories, Body Hair, Pubic Hair, Gender, Consent, Submissive, Masturbation, Desire, Heartbreak, Sex Toys, Spanking, Safe Sex, Painting, Orgasms, Virginity, Vaginas, Queer

The Bandit Zine - Love & Heartbreak(.pdf) (TW - R*pe, Abuse, Sexual Assault) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Love, Relationships, Stories, Sex, Heartbreak, Sexuality, Friendship, Feelings, Comics, Valentines, Drawings, Self Love, Pet Names, Asexuality, Asexual, Ace, Sexual Violence, Queer

The Bandit Zine - Body Image & Sizeism(.pdf) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Fatness, Body Dysmorphia, Body Positivity, Weight, Weight Loss, Diet, Genderqueer, Drawings, Thinness, Privilege, People of Color, Queer, Hunger, Nutrition, Elle Magazine

The Bankruptcy of Beliefs(.PDF) -  Religion, Faith, God, Science

Banner Drops, Stencils, Wheatpaste, and Distributing Information...(.PDF) - Activism, Free Speech, Art, DIY Guide

Banning Cars in Manhattan(.PDF) -  Transportation, Public Space, New York City, Cars, Automobiles, Environmentalism, Civil Engineering, City Planning

Banshee #1(.PDF) -  Culture, Government, Reviews, Collage, Art, Cats

Banshee #2(.PDF) -  Ghosts, Hauntings, Paranormal, Stories, Halloween, Horoscopes, Poetry, Photography

Banshee #3(.PDF) -  Poetry, Ghosts, Stories, The Simpsons, Lisa Simpson, Feminism, Horoscopes, Arts, Cats, Lemonade, Recipes, Nightmares

Banshee #4(.PDF) -  Ghosts, Spooky, Stories, Horoscopes, Art, Poetry, 90s Movies, Cats, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Goosebumps

Banshee #5(.PDF) -  Feminism, Jordan Catalano, My So-Called Life, Crushes, Haikus, Variety, Short Stories, Art

Barack Obama Made Me an Anarchist(.PDF) -  Voting, Democracy, Democrats, United States Politics, Anarchism

Barbican Estate(.PDF) -  Photography, Architecture, Buildings, Structures, Brutalism, London, England

Barefoot and In the Kitchen of Our Own Accord Vol.1(.PDF) -  Vegan, Recipes, Food, Cooking, Illustration, Collage

Barefoot and In the Kitchen Vol.2(.PDF) -  Vegan, Recipes, Food, Cooking, Illustration, Collage

Barefoot and In the Kitchen Vol.4(.PDF) -  Vegan, Recipes, Food, Cooking, Illustration, Collage

Basement Babes #1(.PDF) -  Basement shows, DIY, Music, Feminism, Punk, Underground, Boston, Poetry, Art, Collage, Bands, Humor, Women, Illustration, Body Positivity, Interviews

Bash the Fash (.PDF) -  Antifa, Antifascism, ARA, Anti-Racist Action, Fascism, Racism, White Supremacy, Nazis, History

Basic(.PDF) -  Culture, Mainstream, Pop, Guilty Pleasures, Popularity, Society

Basic Bakunin(.PDF) -  Anarchism, Anarchist, Anti-Authoritarianism, History, Class, Labor, Capitalism, Political Theory

Basic Blockading(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Tactics, DIY Guide

A Basic Introduction to Co-Operatives(.PDF) -  Co-ops, DIY Guide, Organizing, Activism, Collectives

Basic Kropotkin(.PDF) -  Anarchism, Anarchist, Anti-Authoritarianism, History, Class, Labor, Capitalism, Political Theory

Basic Principles of Deep Ecology(.PDF) -  Ecology, Environmentalism, Life, Political Theory, Nature, Animals, Planet, Earth, Climate

Basic Recon Skills(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Tactics, DIY Guide

Battle Against Bayer - The End... Or Is It?(.PDF) -  Medicine, Big Pharma, Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Pills, GMOs, Genetic Modification, Ecology, Activism, Protest, History

Be Good to Yourself - A Self-Care Manual for Inmates Living with HIV(.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Self-Care, Medicine, Prison, HIV, AIDS, Physical Health, Mental Health, Disease, Wellness

Be Prepared for the Cops(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Cops, Policing, Law Enforcement, DIY Guide, FBI

Be There for Each Other Because the System is Not, and Won't Ever Be, on Our Side(.PDF) -  Self-Care, LBGTQA, Physical Health, Mental Health, Disease, Wellness, Suicide, Support

Beating Fascism(.PDF) -  Activism, Nazis, White Supremacy, Nationalism, Anarchism, Antifa, Political Theory

Beating the Fascists - The Untold Story of Anti-Fascist Action(.pdf BOOK) (by Sean Birchall) Fascism, Racism, History, Antifa, ARA, Nationalism, White Supremacy, Nazis, Resistance, Activism

Beauty and the Buprestids(.PDF) -  Collage, Nature, Indigenous, Culture, Beetles, Bugs

Because the Boss Belongs to Us - Queer Femmes on Bruce Springsteen(.PDF) - LBGTQA, Femmes, Bruce Springsteen, The Boss, New Jersey, Music, Rock, Musicians, Fanzines, Queer

Becoming a Mid Wife in 10 Easy Years Part 4 (.PDF) -  Motherhood, Midwives, Birth, Babies, Parenthood, Fathers, Mothers, Labor, Childcare, Doula, Children, Stories, Comics

Becoming Imperceptible(.pdf) (Seraphina Violet Cueller) - Poetry, Prose, Writing, Photo

Becoming Woman and I Have Even Met Happy Drag Queens (.PDF) -  LBGTQA, Sexuality, Womanhood, Sex, Drag Culture

Becoming Riflemyn (.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Rifles, Guns, Ammunition, Armed Leftists, Weapons

Bedbound Diaries(.PDF)  (Eman) - Chronic Illness, Health, Perzine, Diary, Art, Poetry, Allah, Muslim, Pain, Sickness, Prayer

Beer Frame #7(.pdf) - Products, Reviews, Capitalism, Bizarre, Political Correctness, Cologne, Pasta, Soup, Cereal, Raisins, Frosting, Starbucks, Pate, Candy, Frozen Dinners, Cat Food, The Dollar Store, Milk, Music

Begin by Doing Small Things(.pdf) (Amanda Huckins) - Activism, DIY Guide, Activism Guide, Grassroots, Organizing, Activists, Biographies

Beginner's Guide to Putting on Shows (.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Shows, Basements, Music, Concert, Underground, DIY Culture, Bands, Booking

Beginner's Guide to Responsible Sexuality (for Men) (.PDF) -  Male Privilege, Sexism, Toxic Masculinity, Consent, Sexual Relationships, Patriarchy, DIY Guide, Masturbation, Sexual Assault, Sex-Positivity

Behind the Wheel #2 - Notes from Uber/Lyft(.PDF) - Labor Movement, Gig Economy, Capitalism, Rideshare, Drivers, Freelance, Exploitation, Working Class, Class Struggle, Work

Behold Sinners (.PDF) -  Christianity, Humor, Satire, Locusts, Collage, Religion

Bern Notice - Building a Material Force in the Age of Trumpism (.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Bernie Sanders, Alt-Right, MAGA, KKK, Activism, White Power, Politics, Elections, 2016

Betrayal (.PDF) -  Anarchism, Sexual Assault, Consent, Rape, Community, Critical Theory, Activism

Between the Borders #2 (.PDF) -  Refugees, Immigration, Asylum, Women, Borders, Migrants, UK, Britain, Liverpool

Beyond Amnesty (.PDF) -  War, England, Britain, UK, Self-Harm, Cutting, Mental Health, Suicide, Violence

Beyond Feminism (.PDF) -  Feminism, Anarchism, Political Theory, Critical Theory, Individualism

Beyond Property Destruction(.PDF) - Violence, Riot, Direct Action, Activism, Protest, Tactics

Beyond Squat or Rot (.PDF) -  Anarcism, Housing, Rent, Property, Squatting, Homelessness, Poverty, Suburbia

Beyond the Concrete Milkshake(.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Alt-Right, Trolling, Journalism, Media, Protests, Activism, Antifascism

Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City (.PDF) -  Berlin, Property, Squatting, Rent, Housing, Culture, Artists, Cities, Germany, Metropolis, Underground, Subversion

The Bike House(.PDF) -  Community, Bicycles, Bikes, Washington D.C., DIY Guide, Bike Repair, Bike Maintenance, Flat Tires, Chains, Spokes, Diagrams

Bike Plague #1(.PDF) -  Bike Scene, Bicycling, Los Angeles, California, Bike Reviews, East LA Bike Oven, Locks, Stories, Interviews, Trips, Bike Safety, Women, Cops, Law Enforcement, Bike Laws, Advice

Bike Plague #2(.PDF) -  Bike Scene, Bicycling, Los Angeles, California, Santa Monica Critical Mass, Hiking, Mt. Josephine, Dating, LA BikeWinter, Racing, Cannonball Run, Scavenger Hunt, Urban Bike Assault, Bike Tours, Movies, Cinema, Drag Racing, History, Interviews

Birth as Power(.pdf) (Bloom Collective) - Organic Childbirth, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Birthing, Midwife, How-To Guide, DIY Guide, Nutrition, Prenatal

Black Anarchism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Black History, Activism, Political Theory

Black Autonomous Movements(.PDF) - Anarchism, Black History, Activism

Black Inside(.PDF) - Black Culture, Prisoners, Prisons, Law Enforcement, Writings, Art, Incarceration

Black Liberation Army and the Paradox of Political Engagement(.PDF) - Black Culture, Black History, Activism, Protest

Black Lives Matter ABC's Book(.pdf) Law Enforcement, Police Violence, Murder, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Breyonna Taylor, George Floyd, Black History, Victims, BLM, Illustration

Black People's Prison Survival Guide (.PDF) - Black Culture, Prisoners, Prisons, Law Enforcement, Incarceration, DIY Guide

Black Roses for Mike Brown(.PDF) - Black Culture, Police Brutality, Ferguson, Policing

Black Woman & A Few Other Things(.PDF) - Poetry, Black Struggle, Race, Women, Family

Black Women Matter #1(.PDF) - Black Culture, Women, Black History, Feminism, Biographies

Bleeding Ache, The(.PDF)(Sharin F. Ali) - Poetry, Prose, Mental Health, Depression, Self-Harm, Substance Use, Anxiety, PTSD

Blockades(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Tactics

Blue, Purple, Red(.PDF) (Sam) Perzine, Art, Writings, Memories

Bodyhammer - Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protester Vol. 1(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Tactics

Body Image During a Pandemic(.PDF) - Body Image, Body Positivity, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Fatphobia, Social Media, Lockdown, Quarantine, Anxiety, Depression

Boltzman Brain(.PDF) (Katherine Montalto) Illustration, Drawing, Sketch, Minizine, Writing

The Boss Needs Us, We Don't Need the Boss(.PDF) - Political Theory, Labor Movement, Anarchism, Workers, Organizing, Workplace, Capitalism, Autonomy

Boundary(.PDF) -  Intimacy, Childhood, Teenhood, Girlhood, Boundaries, Feminism, Illustration, Writing, Art, Friendship

Bouquet Chunky(.PDF) - Collage, Fashion, Humor, Retro

Brain Fart Comix!(.PDF) (Orange Zeppelin) Art, Comics, Punks, Music

Break These Chains(.PDF) - Trans, Prisoners, Prison Abolition, Queer, Texas, Art, Writing, Poetry, Austin Anarchist Black Cross, J22

Breakfast at Tiffany's(.PDF) -  Collage, Art, Truman Capote, Classic Literature, Southern Gothic

A Brief Guide to Alt-Right Imagery(.PDF) -  White Supremacy, Racism, Nazi, Fascism, Iconography, Right Wing, 4-Chan, KKK, DIY Guide

A Brief History of Community Resistance and Labor Activism at the University of Washington(.PDF) - (Sept. 2019) Education, Labor Movement, Activism, Students, Workers, College, Class Struggle, Professors, Janitors, Workers, Prison Labor, Staff, Labor History

A Brief History of the 23rd Precinct(.PDF) - Policing, Law Enforcement, New York City, NYPD, History, Police Brutality

Brutal Death Ends a Man's Dream and Other Stories of Cops Ruining Christmas(.PDF) - History, Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Newspaper Headlines

Build Your Own Solidarity Network(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest

Building a Police Free Future: FAQ(.PDF) - Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Community, Crime, Legal System, Mutual Aid, DIY Guide, Activism

The Bulldozed Future #1(.PDF) Photography, Urban Landscape, Ruins, Destruction, Korea, Damage

The Bulldozed Future #2(.PDF) Photography, Urban Landscape, Ruins, Destruction, Korea, Damage

Burn Down the American Plantation(.PDF) - Abolition, Resistance, Black History, DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Tactics

Burn Something Zine #2(.PDF) - Activism, Twin Cities, Women, Writing, Art, Black Culture, Queer

Burn the Bridges They are Building - Anarchist Strategies Against the Police(.PDF) - Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Anarchism, Resistance, DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Tactics

But What About Beer?(.pdf) Drugs, Activism, Alcohol, Social Spaces, Protest, Straight Edge

Butchfag(.pdf) (Rena Yehuda Newman - Oct. 2020) - Queer, LGBTQA+, Shame, Collage, Art, Love, Relationships, Writing, Poetry, Prose, Gender, Jewish Culture, Comics

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