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Check out our collection of hundreds of free downloadable pdfs

and links to online readable zines!



Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public
zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

7 Perfectly Legal Ways to Commit Voter Suppression(.PDF) - Elections, Democracy, America, United States, Fraud, Laws, Purges, Voter IDs

9 Theses on Insurgency(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Violence, Rioting

10 Preliminary Theses on Resistance(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Resistance, Tactics


10 Things I Hate About You... And Your Unattainable Houses(.pdf) Film, Teen Movies, Teen Girls, Mean Girls, Breakfast Club, Cinema, Movies, Quotes, Collage

10 Points on the Black Bloc(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Violence, Rioting, Anarchism, Direct Action, Tactics

10 Steps to Setting Up a Blockade(.PDF) - Activism, Protest, Tactics, Blockades

20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity(.pdf) - Chaz Buff - Religion, Christianity, Doctrine, Dogma, Spirituality, Belief, Church, Control, Hierarchy, Authority, The Bible, Jesus Christ

40 Weeks and 6 Months(.pdf) (by Vaiva Kovieraité-Trumpé) Collage, Illustration, Childbirth, Motherhood, Breastfeeding, Milk, Lactation, Babies, Risograph

52 Facets Vol. XV - Smoky Quartz(.PDF) - Crystals, Witchcraft, DIY Guide, Smoky Quartz

52 Facets Vol. XVII - Celestite(.PDF) - Crystals, Witchcraft, DIY Guide, Celestite


500 Years of Indigenous Resistance(.PDF) - Colonization, Political History, Native History, Native Peoples, America, Kwakiuti, First Peoples, Genocide, Christopher Colombus, Land, European Settlements, United States, Manifest Destiny, Indian Wars, Canada, Civil War, Slavery

1798 Rebellion in Ireland, The(.pdf) - Andrew Flood - 1998 - Religion, Ireland, England, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, The Troubles, History, Catholicism, Protestantism, Protest, Uprising, Peace, Britain, Europe, Nationalism, Dissent, Catholic Church, United Irishmen

2020/10/03(.PDF)(Bruno Vilas Boas) - Photography, Black & White, Landscapes, Architecture, Portugal, Seaside, Oceanside, Industrial, Urban Decay


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