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Updated: Monday, Dec. 11, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Call of the Wild(.pdf) - 2014 - TW: Sexual Violence, Abuse - Female Rage, Power, Feminism, Assault, P{oetry, Illustration, Photo, Women, Girls, Prose

Calm Down - A Callout for More Effective Approaches in Radical/Leftist/Anarchist Movements(.pdf) - Activism Guide, How-To, DIY, Adversity, De-Escalation, Consensus, Community Organizing, Intervention

Calm After the Storm(.PDF) - (Sapphic Writers 2020) - Poetry, Paintings, Photography, Nature, Beach, Illustration, Collage, Police, Pandemic, Mental Health, Landscapes, Phobias, Mountains, Love, Relationships, LGBTQA+

Camp Trans Gender Camp Zine(.pdf) (Chicago Camp Trans Planning Committee) - Gender, Transgender, LGTBQA+, Genderfluid, Michigan, Illinois, Music Festival, Pronouns, Non-Binary

Cankersaurus and Other Creatures! Vol. 1(.pdf) - Dec. 2022 - Illustrations, Drawings, Monsters, Sketches, Digital Art

Celling Black Bodies - Black Women in the Global Prison Industrial Complex(.PDF) - Black Culture, Women, Prisoners, Prisons, Law Enforcement, Incarceration

Change Uncertainty Into Independence(.PDF) - collage art, anti-capitalism, story

Cherry Berry(.PDF) - mini picture book, illustration, cute

CHEWN! #1(.PDF) - Food, Music, Illustration, Recipes, Events, Newcastle, Zines, Vegan, Interviews, London, Record Reviews

CHEWN! #2(.PDF) - Food, Music, Illustration, Recipes, Mushrooms, Zines, Vegan, Interviews, Oxford, Pasta Sauce

CHEWN! #3(.PDF) - Food, Music, Illustration, Recipes, Dublin, Zines, Vegan, Interviews, Chili, Record Reviews, Italian Food

Chiapas Revealed #1(.pdf) (Feb 2001) - Zapatistas, Mexico, Anarchism, Indigenous, Revolution, Anti-Capitalism, EZLN, History, Latin America, CCRI, Elections, Direct Democracy, Community, Organizing, Globalization, Class Struggle, Military, Coffee

Chicory #1(.PDF) - Herbs, Herbalism, Tea, Health, DIY Guide, Medicine

Chimerica Continuum #1(.PDF) (Vlasinda Productions) Illustration, Drawing, Writing

Chronology of the Chilean Workers Movement(.PDF) - (1983) Chile, South America, Latin America, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Capitalism, Anarchosyndicalism, IWW, Union, Organizing, Labor History

Cinephile's Guide to Silent Film, The(.PDF)  Movies, Film, Cinema, Silent Era, Hollywood

The Civil War in Venezuela(.pdf) South America, Socialism, History, War, Capitalism, Anarchism, Resistance, Statism

A Civilian's Guide to Direct Action Tactics(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Tactics, Direct Action

Claim No Easy Victories: A History and Analysis of Anti-Racist Action(.PDF) - Racism, Resistance, History, Activism, Protest

Class Struggle During the Gulf War(.PDF)  Iraq, Class, Mid East, War, Religion, Political History, Kuwait, Labor, Strikes, Workers, 1991 Gulf Massacre, Communism, Capitalism, Islam, Anti-War Movement

Class Struggle in Italy 1960s to 70s(.pdf) Italy, History, Europe, Capitalism, Work, Economy, Cities, Class Struggle, Factories, Unions, Unionism, Hot Autumn, Fiat, Labor Organizing, Strikes, Protest, Corso Traiano

Cleaners! UK Struggles 1970's to Now(.pdf) Unions, Organizing, Workplace, Service Industry, UK, England, Britain, Cleaning, Work, Labor, Workers, Rights, Class Struggle, Capitalism

The Colour Brown (.PDF) - Anarchism, Black Culture, Resistance, Whiteness, DIY Guide, Activism, Protest

Combative Unionism(.PDF) - Unions, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Organizing, Workplace, Strike

The Comfort of Ritual(.pdf) (by Little Nemo) - Illustration, Coffee, Barista, Espresso, Minizine

Coming of Age - A New Afrikan Revolutionary(.PDF) - Abolition, Resistance, Black History, Black Culture, Activism, Protest

Communication is a Fundamental Human Right(.PDF) - Activism, Information, Internet, Privacy, Security, Protest, Detroit, DIY Guide

Communique From an Ex-Cop(.PDF) - Cops, LAPD, Law Enforcement, LA Riots, Rodney King, Police Brutality, Resistance, Black History, Activism, Protest

Community, Justice, Solidarity(.PDF) - Communities, Resistance, Policing, Law Enforcement, DIY Guide, Activism, Protest

Cómo te voy a olvidar(.PDF) (Cherry Vecchio) Spanish Language, Lesbian, Poetry, Love, LGBTQA, Breakups, Traveling, Relationships

Confidence. Courage. Connection. Trust. - A Proposal for Security Culture(.pdf) Activism, How-To, Organizing, Technology, Security Culture, Privacy

Cool Tips for Cool People that Collect Records(.PDF) (2023) - Record Collecting, Hobbies, Music, Minizine

Cops and Klan Go Hand-in-hand(.pdf) (Summer 2019) Police Violence, Racism, White Supremacy, UNC Chapel Hill, Students, Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, BLM, College Campus

Copwatch 101(.PDF) - Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Tactics

Counter-Planning On the Shop Floor(.PDF) - (Bill Watson, 1971) Unions, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Organizing, Workplace, Strike

Court Solidarity Introduction(.PDF) - Legal system, Law Enforcement, DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Tactics, Jail Solidarity

Crime and Punishment(.PDF) - Legal System, Crime, Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Political Theory

The Criminal Legal System for Radicals(.PDF) - Legal System, Crime, Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Political Theory, Activism, Anarchism

Cripple Punk Mag #1(.pdf) - M. Sabal - July/Aug 2022 - Disability, Accessibility, DIY, Punk, Music, Subculture, Scenes, Interviews, Essays, Winterwolf, Afro-Surrealism

Cripple Punk Mag #2(.pdf) - M. Sabal - Sept/Oct 2022 - Disability, Accessibility, DIY, Punk, Music, Subculture, Scenes, Interviews, Essays, Venues, Shows, Nova Twins, Music Recording, Diversity, Zines

Cripple Punk Mag #3(.pdf) - M. Sabal - Feb/March 2023 - Disability, Accessibility, DIY, Punk, Music, Subculture, Scenes, Interviews, Essays, Saoirse, The Dilators, Zines, Corvallis Scene, Masking, Winterwolf, Anthems, Mental Health, Disability Justice, Books, Pits

A Critique of Reformism and the Case for Abolition(.PDF) - Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Community, Crime, Legal System, Prisons, Activism, Defund, Abolition

Crossroad - A New Afrikan Captured Combatant Newsletter Vol. 4, #1(.PDF) - Black Cuture, Black History, Legal System, Crime, Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Prisons

Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?(.PDF) - Black Culture, Identity, Whiteness, Culture, Racism

Cultural Appropriation and Shaming(.PDF) - Black Culture, Identity, Whiteness, Culture, Racism

Cunt Coloring Book, The(.pdf) (Tee Corinne) - Coloring Book, Illustration, Vagina, Genitals, Health, Medical, Sex Education

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