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and links to online readable zines!



Updated: Saturday, Jan. 21st, 2023


DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

D.I.Y. Hand Bookbinding Handbook(.pdf) (M.M. Rooney) - DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Bookbinding, Binding, Bookmaking

Dead Dads Club Vol. 1(.PDF) - Grief, Art, Writing, Family

Dear White People(.PDF) - Black Culture, Identity, Whiteness, Allies, Racism, Protest, Resistance

Death Rituals and DIY Burials(.pdf) Death, Grief, Loss, Environmentalism, Sustainability, Burials, Funerals, Embalming, DIY Guide, Composting, Ecology, Corpse, Irish Wake, Hindu Rites of Death, Native Rituals

Decent #1(.PDF) - technology, nature, outdoors, culture, collage art, anti-capitalism

Decent #2(.PDF) - technology, anarchism, collage art, anti-capitalism

Defense Against Tear Gas(.pdf) Activism Guide, Tear Gas, Police Violence, Non-Lethal Weapons, Protest, Activism

The Democratic Mystification(.pdf) (Jacques Camatte) - Democracy, Elections, Class Struggle, Capitalism, The State, Government, Political Theory, Marxism

Denver Fights Back(.PDF) - Policing, Police Brutality, Cops, State Violence, Protests, Riot, Resistance, Law Enforcement

Derelict Ink Vol. 1 Core Edition Issues 1-12(.PDF) - writing, poetry, prose, Trump, advertising, collage, political satire, collaboration

Destroy Your Lawn!(.pdf) Grass, Lawns, Landscaping, Property, Ecology, Nature, Ecosystem, America, Suburbs, Mowing, Activism Guide, How-To Guide

Digital Security for Activists(.PDF) - Activism, DIY Guide, Security, Information, Internet, Data, Privacy

A Direct Action Handbook(.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Protests, Activism, Resistance

Direct Action Survival Guide(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Resistance, Tactics, Direct Action

Direct Action Tactics(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Resistance, Tactics, Direct Action

Direct Action(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Resistance, Tactics, Direct Action

A Direct Action Handbook(.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Protests, Activism, Resistance

Dispatches From Charlottesville(.PDF) - Riots, Racism, ANTIFA, Alt-Right, Activism, Protest, Resistance, History

Dispatches From Minneapolis 2015(.PDF) - Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Riots, Racism, Activism, Protest, Resistance, History, Twin Cities, Minnesota

Divorce of Thought From Deed(.PDF) - Racism, Free Speech, Protest, Whiteness, Privilege, Identity, college, UNC

DIY Armor(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Armor, Activism, Protest, Resistance

Dollmatter(.PDF) - Poetry, Prose, Writing

The DOs and DON'Ts of the Wild & Free(.PDF) - (by Adam Gnade) - Self-Care, Mental Health, Anxiety, Activism, Advice, Depression, DIY Guide

Don't Back Down(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Activism, Protest, Resistance, Tactics, Direct Action, Trauma

Don't Call the Police(.PDF) - Policing, Cops, Law Enforcement​, Activism, DIY Guide

Don't Shoot Because...(.PDF) - Ferguson, Los Angeles, Police Brutality, Race, Justice, Policing, Cops, Law Enforcement​, Activism, Resistance

Down with "Partners"(.pdf) Collage, Relationships, Monogamism, Cheating, Consent, Heteronormativity, LGBTQA, Polyamory, Love, Sexuality, Romance

The Dripping #1(.pdf) Humor, Therapy, Prose, Stories, Collage

Drowning - A Poem(.pdf) (by Chelsea Sieg) - Poetry, Minizine, Relationships

Ductus Pop #25(.PDF) - French language, record reviews, music, interviews

Dumb #1(.pdf) (by Bobby Paranoize) Photography, Perzine, Memories, Louisiana, NOLA, New Orleans

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