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and links to online readable zines!



Updated: Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Fairy Tale About White Mouse(.pdf) (by Vaiva Kovieraité-Trumpé) Story, Fiction, Parable, Illustration, Culture, Race

Fandom: It was Love at First Sight(.pdf) - Fandom, Internet, Social Media, Nerd Culture, Obsession, Pop Culture, Memes, Highlander, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Fanfiction

Fangs Out #1(.pdf) (2022) Writing, Poetry, Prose, Illustration, Mixed Media, Stream of Consciousness, Love

Fangs Out #2(.PDF) Comics, Black & White

Fawda(.pdf) Palestine, Mid East, Conflict, War, Israel, Zionism, West Bank, Corporations, History, Jews, Palestinians, Fighting

FBI x KKK(.PDF) -  Mini-Zine, Black History, Racism, Ku Klux Klan, Civil Rights Movement, COINTELPRO, FBI, Cops, Police, Law Enforcement

Fiddle Faddle #1(.pdf) CW: Adult Content - Adults, Sex, Deviants, Kink, Pegging, Anarchism, LGBTQA+, Queer, DIY, Shibari, BDSM

FIGHT!(.PDF) - Spanish language, collage art

Fight Standardized Testing(.pdf) (Students Against Testing) - Education, School, Schooling, Teachers, Students, SATs, History

Fighting and Defeating Racism(.PDF) - Protest, Resistance, Racism, Hate, Whiteness, Activism, DIY Guide

Fighting Racism(.PDF) - Protest, Resistance, Racism, Hate, Whiteness, Activism, DIY Guide

Fire to the Prisons #4: 4 Years Later(.pdf) (Tom Nomad) Middle East, Mid-East, Arab Spring, Anarchism, Activism, Iraq, ISIS, Iran, War, Fighting, Ukraine, Syria, Riojava

The First Amendment and You(.pdf) Constitution, Bill of Rights, United States, USA, Minizine, Rights, Free Speech, Activism Guide, Cops, Police, Law Enforcement

First Response(.PDF)  (Pom Machine) - Fiction, Short Stories, Writings, Post-Apocalypse, Dystopia, End Times

First Response Prologue Part 2 - I'm Worth It(.PDF)  (Pom Machine) - Fiction, Short Stories, Writings, Post-Apocalypse, Dystopia, End Times

Five Things White Activists Should Never Say(.PDF) - Ally, Protest, Resistance, Racism, Hate, Whiteness, Activism, DIY Guide

Flax Into Linen - Step-By-Remarkable-Step(.pdf) (Chuck Trapkus, 1989) - Fashion, DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Cloth, Thread, Sewing, Spinning

Flower of Life(.PDF) - photography, texture, culture

Fluffy Hair(.PDF) (Nobel J. Harte) - Poetry, LGBTQA+, Queer, Crush, Love, Romance, Relationships, Bisexuality

F.O.C.K. #1(.PDF) Comics, Adult Humor, Illustration

F.O.C.K. #2(.PDF) Comics, Adult Humor, Illustration

F.O.C.K. #3(.PDF) Comics, Adult Humor, Illustration

Foolish Fantasies(.PDF)  (Julie Marie Saber) - Illustrated Chapbook, Poetry, Watercolor

For an Anarchist Radio Relay League(.PDF) Anarchism, Communication, Technology, Amateur Radio, Police, Cops, Walkie Talkies, Code, DIY Guide

France - The General Strike of 1968(.PDF) - Labor History, Situationism, Anarchism, Strike, France, Europe, Labor Movement, Workers, Resistance, Organizing

Frightmarish #1(.pdf) Short Stories, Crows, Birds, Ornithomancy, Writing, Folk Horror

From the Kitchen - Sexism, Anarchism, and Men(.pdf) Men, Pornography, Masculinity, Authoritarianism, Sexuality, Sex, Feminism, Gender, Women, Patriarchy, Relationships, Robots, Technology, Sexism, Recipes, Gender Politics, Slugs, Animals, Nature

Fuck 2020 or the DIY Guide to Dealing with the Shit-Storming Dread of Life Right Now(.PDF) (by Adam Gnade 2020) - News, Politics, 2020, Elections, Pandemic, Self-Care, Mental Health, Anxiety, Activism

Fuck the Police(.PDF) - Policing, Cops, Law Enforcement

Fuck Your Racist Prisons, Fuck Your Racist Nation(.PDF) - Racism, Prisons, Policing, Cops, Law Enforcement​, Patriotism, Nationalism

Fusion Beasts(.PDF) -  Minizine, Humor, Illustration, Fantasy, Creatures, Drawings, Imagination, Nature, Sci-Fi, Animals

Fuzz #3(.PDF) -  Cleveland, Ohio, Music, Punk, Hardcore, Underground, Illustration, Writing, Interviews, Bands, Stories, Bars, Now That's Class, Poetry, Photography, Record Reviews, Oi, Shows

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