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and links to online readable zines!



Updated: Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

J22 2108(.PDF) -  Trans, Prisoners, Prison Abolition, Queer, Texas, Art, Writing, Poetry, Austin Anarchist Black Cross, J22, Gender

Jane - Documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973(.pdf) - Firestarter Press - 2004 - Reproductive Rights, Abortion, Pro-Choice, Roe v Wade, Health, Pregnancy, Right to Choose, Feminism, Illinois, Chicago, Clinics, Women, Politics

Je Suis Je Suis - A Minizine About OCD(.PDF) (Monica Paige - 2014) - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mental Health, Anxiety, Minizine

Joe Hill IWW Songwriter(.PDF) - Joe Hill, Biography, Music, Songs, IWW, Unions, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Workplace, Labor History, Wobblies

Jose M(.pdf) - Minizine, Collage, Communism, Politics

Juggling the Rainbow #3(.PDF)  (Aoterra) - Non-Monogamy, Relationships, Love, Sex, Partnerships, Romance, Polyamory, Open Relationships, Queer, Sexuality

Just Asian Parent Things(.PDF) -  Humor, Culture, Asian, Illustration, Perzine

Justice From Bean to Cup(.pdf) IWW, Wobblies, Unions, Unionism, Starbucks, Coffee, Labor Movement, Organizing, Class Struggle, Workers, Baristas

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