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Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2023

***BROKEN LINKS FIXED 9.11.23***

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Magia, Capitalismo, y Brujeria Antisistema(.pdf) - Spanish Language, Witchcraft, Anarchism, Capitalism, Magic, Spellcraft, Witches

Make It So #1(.pdf) (Feb. 1989) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings

Make It So #2(.pdf) (Aug. 1989) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings, Comics, Prose

Make It So #3(.pdf) (Feb.1990) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings, Comics, Prose

Make Your Own Stickers!(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Mini-Zine, Stickering

Making History: Documenting and Preserving Drag King Culture(.pdf) - LGTBQA+, Drag Performances, Queer, History, Lesbianism, Scrapbooking, Journaling, Archiving, Queer Experience, DIY Guide, Blogging, Drag Shows, Stars, Interviewing

Malcolm X - The Man and His Ideas(.PDF) - Black History, Liberation, Biography, Resistance

The Many Words for Family(.pdf) Language, Culture, Family, Diversity, Collage, LGBTQA+, Queer

Marriage: An Invasive Political Regime(.pdf) Collage, Relationships, Monogamism, Weddings, Marriage, Matrimony, Consent, Heteronormativity, LGBTQA, Polyamory, Love, Sexuality, Romance, Control, The State, Divorce, Hierarchies

Marsha(.pdf) Minizine, Marsha B. Thompson, Stonewall, Riots, LGBTQA+, Queer, History, Pride, Transgender

Mather/Fother #1(.pdf) Radical Parenting, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Children, Poetry, Prose, Advice, Death, Grief

Maximum Preservation #2(.pdf) (DC Public Library 2015) - Technology, Computers, File Systems, Archiving, Archives, Cataloging, Digital, Digitizing, Data, How-To Guide, Media, Artifacts, Photos, Videos, Collections

Message to the Black Movement(.PDF) - Black History, Resistance, Liberation, Protest, Racism, Activism

Memoirs Distorted(.pdf) (V.L.Parz) - Memories, Writing, Photography, Collage, Digital Art

Mental Healthy(.pdf) (by Jenny Eden) - Art, Illustration, Writing, Mental Health, Self-Care, Meditation, DIY Guide, Self Help

Merely One Micrometer Closer to Fair(.pdf) (Amanda Huckins) - Activism, Self-Help, Communication, DIY Guide, Activism Guide, Grassroots, Organizing

Methods of Anarcho-Syndicalism(.pdf) (Rudolf Rocker) - Political Theory, Anarchism, Syndicalism, Workers, Labor Movement, Working Class, Class Politics, Class War, Tactics, Strike, Activism Guides, Work, Labor, Unions

Migraine(.pdf) (Nicky Rodriguez) - Health, Headaches, Pain, Migraine, Stress, Comics, Q&A

Millennial Dogeater(.PDF) (Marianna Benzon) Poetry, Prose, Love, Relationships, Queer, Gentrification, America, BIPOC, LGBTQA

A Million Reasons to Believe(.PDF) -  collage art, anti-capitalism

Militant Flamboyance(.pdf) Resistance, Timeline, Stonewall, Riots, LGBTQA+, Queer, History, Pride

Militante Filipina(.pdf) - Political Theory, Minizine, Anarchism, Anarchafeminism, Patriarchy, Phillipines, Filipino Language

Mimicry(.PDF) -  White Supremacy, Power Structures, BIPOC, Cultures, Allies, Privilege, Decolonizing, Language, Black Struggle, Whiteness, Racism, Indigenous, Imperialism

Miner Conflicts, Major Contradictions(.pdf) (July 1984) -  Workers, Labor Movement, Working Class, Class Politics, Class War, Tactics, Strike, Labor History, Britain, UK, England, Work, Labor, Unions, British Miners Strike, Poverty, Classism

Misery of Islam, The(.pdf) - Al-Djouhall - Firestarter Press - 2003 - Religion, Muslim, Islam, Middle East, God, Faith, Koran, Muhammed, Mosques, War, Authority, Political Theory

Misfit Mementos 2019 Issue(.PDF) - Consumerism, Movies, Capitalism, McDonalds, Cherry Soda, Humor, Technology, Satire, Christianity

Mondo Mysterium #1(.pdf) (Nov. 2021) - Cinema, Hard and Violent, Pierced, Return of Traces, Film Reviews, Cult Movies, Genre, Obscure

Mondo Mysterium #2(.pdf) (Dec. 2021) - Cinema, Cult Movies, Obscure, Film Reviews, Il Piacere e il Mistero, the Underbelly of America, Death Fest

Monumon(.pdf) Digital Art, Photography, Character Art, Word Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Patterns

Moon Juice #1(.PDF) - Variety, quarantine, quaranzine, poetry, collage, art, music, lockdown, photography

Mother Earth: A Native Perspective(.pdf) (Native Resistance Network, May 2012) - Native, Indigenous, Western World, Haudenosaunee, Occupations, Resources, Environmentalism, Ecology, Nature, Manhatten, Manna-Hata, Lenape

Mouths to Feed #1 - Quarantine Prom Queen(.PDF) - Quarantine, lockdown, high school, prom, DIY guide, how-to, dreams

Mowing Dead Lawns #1(.PDF) (Ashes Galore) TW: Talk of Suicide - Perzine, Punk Culture, Age, Subculture, Records, Music, Record Stores, Death, Suicide, Bands, DIY, Roommates, Punk Houses, Weed, Marijuana

Mujeristas Collective #3(.PDF) - Latin American, Women of Color, Family, Culture, Art

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #001(.pdf) (Mal, May 24, 2020) - Pop, Punk, Music, George Michael, Fan Fiction

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #002(.pdf) (Mal, May-August 2020) - Pop, Punk, Music, Wham!, Crass, Comics, Chumbawamba, Fan Fiction, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #003(.pdf) (Mal, Feb. 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Fan Fiction, Crass, Chumbawamba, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #004(.pdf) (Mal, May 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Sea Shanties, Beethoven, Nun Attax, 5GDTTS?, Cliff Richard, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #005(.pdf) (Mal, June 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Irish Queer Punk, Playlists, Guitar Pedals, Drawings, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #006(.pdf) (Mal, Sept. 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Manic Street Preachers, Brett Smiley, Movies, Pirate Radio, Drawings

My First Zine(.PDF) - Perzine, Writing

My Red Dream is Everything(.PDF) (Amanda S. & Andrew W.) Photography, Nature, Color, Black & White, Portrait, Experimental, Forest, Prose, Poetry

The Mythology of Work(.PDF) - Work, Labor, Workers, Jobs, Capitalism, Society, Political Theory, Philosophy

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