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Updated: Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Machine of the World, The(.PDF)  Modernity, Decolonization, Freedom, Modernism, Poetry, Indigenous, Land, Struggles, Imperialism, Colonialism

Magia, Capitalismo, y Brujeria Antisistema(.pdf) - Spanish Language, Witchcraft, Anarchism, Capitalism, Magic, Spellcraft, Witches

Make It So #1(.pdf) (Feb. 1989) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings

Make It So #2(.pdf) (Aug. 1989) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings, Comics, Prose

Make It So #3(.pdf) (Feb.1990) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings, Comics, Prose

Make Your Own Stickers!(.PDF) - DIY Guide, Mini-Zine, Stickering

Making History: Documenting and Preserving Drag King Culture(.pdf) - LGTBQA+, Drag Performances, Queer, History, Lesbianism, Scrapbooking, Journaling, Archiving, Queer Experience, DIY Guide, Blogging, Drag Shows, Stars, Interviewing

Malcolm X - The Man and His Ideas(.PDF) - Black History, Liberation, Biography, Resistance

The Many Words for Family(.pdf) Language, Culture, Family, Diversity, Collage, LGBTQA+, Queer

Marriage: An Invasive Political Regime(.pdf) Collage, Relationships, Monogamism, Weddings, Marriage, Matrimony, Consent, Heteronormativity, LGBTQA, Polyamory, Love, Sexuality, Romance, Control, The State, Divorce, Hierarchies

Marsha(.pdf) Minizine, Marsha B. Thompson, Stonewall, Riots, LGBTQA+, Queer, History, Pride, Transgender

Mather/Fother #1(.pdf) Radical Parenting, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Children, Poetry, Prose, Advice, Death, Grief

Maximum Preservation #2(.pdf) (DC Public Library 2015) - Technology, Computers, File Systems, Archiving, Archives, Cataloging, Digital, Digitizing, Data, How-To Guide, Media, Artifacts, Photos, Videos, Collections

Meat + Light(.PDF)  (Pom Machine) - Poetry, Writing, Anthology

Meat + Light: Mourning Season(.PDF)  (Pom Machine) - Poetry, Writing, Anthology, Death

Message to the Black Movement(.PDF) - Black History, Resistance, Liberation, Protest, Racism, Activism

Memoirs Distorted(.pdf) (V.L.Parz) - Memories, Writing, Photography, Collage, Digital Art

Mental Healthy(.pdf) (by Jenny Eden) - Art, Illustration, Writing, Mental Health, Self-Care, Meditation, DIY Guide, Self Help

Merely One Micrometer Closer to Fair(.pdf) (Amanda Huckins) - Activism, Self-Help, Communication, DIY Guide, Activism Guide, Grassroots, Organizing

Methods of Anarcho-Syndicalism(.pdf) (Rudolf Rocker) - Political Theory, Anarchism, Syndicalism, Workers, Labor Movement, Working Class, Class Politics, Class War, Tactics, Strike, Activism Guides, Work, Labor, Unions

Migraine(.pdf) (Nicky Rodriguez) - Health, Headaches, Pain, Migraine, Stress, Comics, Q&A

Millennial Dogeater(.PDF) (Marianna Benzon) Poetry, Prose, Love, Relationships, Queer, Gentrification, America, BIPOC, LGBTQA

A Million Reasons to Believe(.PDF) -  collage art, anti-capitalism

Militant Flamboyance(.pdf) Resistance, Timeline, Stonewall, Riots, LGBTQA+, Queer, History, Pride

Militante Filipina(.pdf) - Political Theory, Minizine, Anarchism, Anarchafeminism, Patriarchy, Phillipines, Filipino Language

Mimicry(.PDF) -  White Supremacy, Power Structures, BIPOC, Cultures, Allies, Privilege, Decolonizing, Language, Black Struggle, Whiteness, Racism, Indigenous, Imperialism

Miner Conflicts, Major Contradictions(.pdf) (July 1984) -  Workers, Labor Movement, Working Class, Class Politics, Class War, Tactics, Strike, Labor History, Britain, UK, England, Work, Labor, Unions, British Miners Strike, Poverty, Classism

Misery of Islam, The(.pdf) - Al-Djouhall - Firestarter Press - 2003 - Religion, Muslim, Islam, Middle East, God, Faith, Koran, Muhammed, Mosques, War, Authority, Political Theory

Misfit Mementos 2019 Issue(.PDF) - Consumerism, Movies, Capitalism, McDonalds, Cherry Soda, Humor, Technology, Satire, Christianity

Mondo Mysterium #1(.pdf) (Nov. 2021) - Cinema, Hard and Violent, Pierced, Return of Traces, Film Reviews, Cult Movies, Genre, Obscure

Mondo Mysterium #2(.pdf) (Dec. 2021) - Cinema, Cult Movies, Obscure, Film Reviews, Il Piacere e il Mistero, the Underbelly of America, Death Fest

Monumon(.pdf) Digital Art, Photography, Character Art, Word Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Patterns

Moon Juice #1(.PDF) - Variety, quarantine, quaranzine, poetry, collage, art, music, lockdown, photography

Mother Earth: A Native Perspective(.pdf) (Native Resistance Network, May 2012) - Native, Indigenous, Western World, Haudenosaunee, Occupations, Resources, Environmentalism, Ecology, Nature, Manhatten, Manna-Hata, Lenape

Mouths to Feed #1 - Quarantine Prom Queen(.PDF) - Quarantine, lockdown, high school, prom, DIY guide, how-to, dreams

Mowing Dead Lawns #1(.PDF) (Ashes Galore) TW: Talk of Suicide - Perzine, Punk Culture, Age, Subculture, Records, Music, Record Stores, Death, Suicide, Bands, DIY, Roommates, Punk Houses, Weed, Marijuana

Mujeristas Collective #3(.PDF) - Latin American, Women of Color, Family, Culture, Art

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #001(.pdf) (Mal, May 24, 2020) - Pop, Punk, Music, George Michael, Fan Fiction

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #002(.pdf) (Mal, May-August 2020) - Pop, Punk, Music, Wham!, Crass, Comics, Chumbawamba, Fan Fiction, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #003(.pdf) (Mal, Feb. 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Fan Fiction, Crass, Chumbawamba, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #004(.pdf) (Mal, May 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Sea Shanties, Beethoven, Nun Attax, 5GDTTS?, Cliff Richard, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #005(.pdf) (Mal, June 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Irish Queer Punk, Playlists, Guitar Pedals, Drawings, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #006(.pdf) (Mal, Sept. 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Manic Street Preachers, Brett Smiley, Movies, Pirate Radio, Drawings

My First Zine(.PDF) - Perzine, Writing

My Red Dream is Everything(.PDF) (Amanda S. & Andrew W.) Photography, Nature, Color, Black & White, Portrait, Experimental, Forest, Prose, Poetry

The Mythology of Work(.PDF) - Work, Labor, Workers, Jobs, Capitalism, Society, Political Theory, Philosophy

Myths of "Libertarian Economics"(.PDF)  (Iain MacSaorsa - 2009) - Economy, Capitalism, Libertarianism, Free Market, Business, Corporations, Profits, Money, Class, The State, Credit, Finances, Unemployment, Laissez-Faire, Poverty

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