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Updated: Sunday, Oct. 17th, 2021

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public
zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos(.PDF) (Abby Bland) Poetry, Prose, Writings

Of Forgotten Dreams(.PDF) - photography, cinematography, screen captures, graphic design, experimental film

Old Mall - A Surrealist Game(.PDF) (Atlanta & Ottawa Surrealist Groups) Games, Capitalism, Ruins, Malls, Stores, Photography, Adventures, Exploring

Omaha Beach(.PDF) - Perzine, Collage, Humor, Geography

On Pets, Mourning, the Body, & Death Positivity(.PDF) - ***CW: Pet Death - Grief, Loss, Animals, Cats, Shelters, Tattoos, Memorials, Breakups

The Only Loyalty You Should Have(.PDF) (Milwaukee Literature Supply - by Hawzhin Azeez) - Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Conflict, War, Anti-Imperialism, Feminism, Terrorism, Activism, ISIS, Sulaimani