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Check out our collection of hundreds of free downloadable pdfs

and links to online readable zines!



Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2023


DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Q For Treason #10 - Exploring British Columbia Ghost Towns(.pdf) Decay, Urban Exploration, Travel, Perzine, Canada, Hitchhiking

Quaranzine(.pdf) (Coin Operated Press) - Pandemic, Quarantine, COVID-19, Lockdown, Zoom, Relationships, Poetry, Prose, Art, Photography, Illustrations, Judaism, Queer, Isolation, Disability

Quartz Jaws(.pdf) (V.L. Parz) - Poetry, Sex, Mistakes, Love

Queen of the Bugs(.pdf) (Mary Elizabeth Evans - 2017) - Kid-Friendly, Children, Story, Insects, Illustration, Bugs, Nature, Cute, Comics

Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline, A(.PDF) (Charlotte Cooper - 2011) - Zines, Feminism, Body Positivity, Fat Activism, LGBTQA+, Queer, Culture, Archives, Political Theory 

Queer Voices #1(.pdf) (Autumn 2008) LGBTQA+, Homosexuality, Activism, Poetry, Art, Resistance, Pride, Anarchist Communism, Queer Liberation, Patriarchy, Anarchism

Queers with Disabilities: An Annotated Bibliography(.PDF) LGTBQA+, Queer, Disability, Health, Mental Health, Resources, Media, Lists

Queering Chicanismo(.pdf) Queer, LGBTQA+, Mexican-American Culture, Heritage, Chicano Nationalist Movement, People of Color, Heteronormativity, Machismo, Toxic Masculinity, Marriage, Family, Joey Terrill, Gay Youth Groups, Collage, Art, HIV/AIDs

Questions About Creativity(.pdf) Artists, Art, Writing, Interviews, Neopoemics, Poetry, Poets, Digital Art, Character Art, Word Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Patterns, Textures

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