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Updated: Monday, July 5th, 2021

Terrible Flowers(.pdf) (by Chelsea Sieg) Minizine, Illustration, Flowers, Humor

That Plant Fucker Sept. 2019(.PDF) -  Haikus, Mushrooms, Portobellos, Food, Recipes, Medicine, Reishi, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker Oct. 2019(.PDF) -  Limericks, Halloween, Witches, Pumpkins, Humor, Food, Recipes, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker Jan. 2020(.PDF) -  Poetry, Loofah, Winter, January, Mental Health, Depression, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker March 2020(.PDF) -  Ostara, Plantains, Medicine, Healing, Infection, Spring, Recipes, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker April 2020(.PDF) -  Poetry, Brambles, Berries, Fruit, Illness, Coronavirus, Medicine, Food, Recipes, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker May 2020(.PDF) -  Poetry, Sex, Beltane, Elderberry, Alcohol, Brandy, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Conspiracy Theories, Recipes, Plants, Nature

They Call Us Theirs Vol. 1(.PDF) - Feminism, Literary Magazine

Thrift Witch Vol. XII - Earth Grounding(.PDF) -  Witchcraft, DIY Guide, Earth, Rituals, Art, Collage, Magick

A Tiny Ramble About Recovering from Anxiety(.pdf) (by Chelsea Sieg) - Mental Health, Self-Care, Recovery, Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, Therapy

To Care and to Give a Shit(.PDF) -  Care, Self-Care, Mental Health, Cariño, Community, Bilingual - Spanish, Family, Despair, Liberation, Mutual Aid, Activism Guide

Top Surgery Recovery in Community(.pdf) Trans, Surgery, Healthy, Recovery, Healing, Communities, Medical, How-To, Relationships, Self-Care, LGBTQA, Gender

Total Domination(.PDF) -  Collage, Art, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Political Ideology, History, Nazis, Europe, Concentration Camps

Tweaking Armageddon(.PDF) -  Prisons, History, Confinement, Jail, Law Enforcement, Incarceration, Prisoners, Hunger Strikes, Abolition, Imprisonment, Resistance