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Updated: Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Take a Rest - A List of Restful Activities(.pdf) - Wesley Sueker - Summer 2022 - Relaxation, Physical Health, Mental Health, DIY Guide, Advice, Zen, Sensory, Social, Emotional, Creative

Tasers and the Fight Against Police Brutality(.PDF) - Tasers, Weaponry, Police Brutality, Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Protest, Resistance, Activism

Teenagers Wake Up!(.pdf) Youth, Rebellion, Resistance, Activism Guide, Generations, Growing Up

TeKKK$a$ - Where Black Lives Have Never Mattered(.pdf) - Comrade Monsour - Mongoose Distro - Texas, BLM, Black Lives Matter, Race, Racists, The South, New Afrikan, Colonization, Death Penalty, Justice System, Slavery, History, White Supremacy, Indigenous, Chicano, History, Stephen F. Austin, James Bowie, Oppression, Sam Houston

Terrible Flowers(.pdf) (by Chelsea Sieg) Minizine, Illustration, Flowers, Humor

The Testosterone Survey Zine(.pdf) (Rena Yehuda Newman) - Health, Transgender, Transition, Hormones, Comics, Medical Industry, Medication, How-To Guide, Medical Study, Queer, Gender, LGBTQA+

That Plant Fucker Sept. 2019(.PDF) -  Haikus, Mushrooms, Portobellos, Food, Recipes, Medicine, Reishi, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker Oct. 2019(.PDF) -  Limericks, Halloween, Witches, Pumpkins, Humor, Food, Recipes, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker Jan. 2020(.PDF) -  Poetry, Loofah, Winter, January, Mental Health, Depression, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker March 2020(.PDF) -  Ostara, Plantains, Medicine, Healing, Infection, Spring, Recipes, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker April 2020(.PDF) -  Poetry, Brambles, Berries, Fruit, Illness, Coronavirus, Medicine, Food, Recipes, Plants, Nature

That Plant Fucker May 2020(.PDF) -  Poetry, Sex, Beltane, Elderberry, Alcohol, Brandy, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Conspiracy Theories, Recipes, Plants, Nature

They Call Us Theirs Vol. 1(.PDF) - Feminism, Literary Magazine

The Thin Blue Line is a Burning Fuse(.PDF) - Police Brutality, Policing, Law Enforcement, Legal System, Cops, Protest, Resistance, Activism

This I Can Tell You(.PDF) (Brandi Spering) Writing, Family, Fathers, Story, History

Thoughts From January(.PDF) (Sam) Writing, Art, Perzine, Music, Piano Lessons

Thrift Witch Vol. XII - Earth Grounding(.PDF) -  Witchcraft, DIY Guide, Earth, Rituals, Art, Collage, Magick

Throwing Garbage(.PDF) - Sanitation Workers, Solidarity, Strikes, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Workplace, Organizing, Labor History

A Tiny Ramble About Recovering from Anxiety(.pdf) (by Chelsea Sieg) - Mental Health, Self-Care, Recovery, Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, Therapy

To Be Queer is to Fight!(.pdf) (July 2021) - Queer, Gender, Sexuality, Resistance, Revolution, Relationships, Protest, Poetry

To Care and to Give a Shit(.PDF) -  Care, Self-Care, Mental Health, Cariño, Community, Bilingual - Spanish, Family, Despair, Liberation, Mutual Aid, Activism Guide

To Gaza and Back(.PDF)  Palestine, Israel, War, West Bank, The State, Zionism, Journal, Jerusalem, Gaza, Statism, Government, War, Violence, Punks, Islam, Mid East, Middle East, Travel, Culture, Metal, Music, ANTIFA, Antifascism, Resistance, Protest, Cops, Hitchhiking, Istanbul, Graffiti, Police, Romania, Bulgaria, Poverty, Love, Romance, Hostels

To Tramps, the Unemployed, the Disheartened, and Miserable(.pdf) -Lucy E. Parsons - Homelessness, Vagrancy, Poverty, Capitalism, Impoverished, Class War, Labor, Working Class, The Poor, Industry, Revolution, Resistance

Top Surgery Recovery in Community(.pdf) Trans, Surgery, Healthy, Recovery, Healing, Communities, Medical, How-To, Relationships, Self-Care, LGBTQA, Gender

Total Domination(.PDF) -  Collage, Art, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Political Ideology, History, Nazis, Europe, Concentration Camps

Towards a Student Unionism(.PDF) - Unions, Students, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, College, University, Schooling, Schools, Organizing, Activism Guide

Towards a Vibrant and Broad African-Based Anarchism(.PDF) - Anarchism, Black Culture, Black History, Resistance, Liberation, Protest, Political Theory

Towards Workers Control(.PDF) -  (P. Turner 1971) Unions, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Organizing, Activism Guide, Anarchism, Labor History

Trans Folks Fight Back!(.pdf) (Skip Teauxmelou, Alyx Trouble) -Queer, LGBTQA+, Resistance, Stonewall, Activism, Queer History, Cooper's Donuts, Dewey's, Comptom's Cafeteria, Vanguard, Rioting, Riots, S.T.A.R., Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, Marsha P. Johnson, Storme Delaverie, Houston, Texas

Transcending Anatomy(.pdf) LGBTQA+, Queer, Trans, Sexuality, Gender, Identity, Relationships, DIY Guide, Bodies

Treehouse DIY(.pdf) - Treehouses, Construction, Secret Spaces, Building, DIY Guide, Forts, Nature, Trees

A Tribute to John Brown(.PDF) - Biography, History, Slavery, Violence, Abolition, Protest, Resistance, Activism

Tron Zine(.PDF) Minizine, Collage, Movies, Tron, Robots

Tubes Tied & No Regrets - Another Perspective on Parenting(.pdf) - Kathy Labriola - Mongoose Distro - Parenting, Birth, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Childbearing, Surgical Procedure, Overpopulation, Non-Breeding, Childless Couples

Turkey Yesterday & Today(.pdf) - Gun Zileli & Ilhan Tekin - Political History, Middle East, Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Turkey Republic, Coups, Marxism, Kurds, Pluralistic Democracy

Tweaking Armageddon(.PDF) -  Prisons, History, Confinement, Jail, Law Enforcement, Incarceration, Prisoners, Hunger Strikes, Abolition, Imprisonment, Resistance

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