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Updated: Sunday, June 19th, 2022

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public
zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

U ME ANXIETY(.PDF) - Mental Health, Poetry, Prose, London Slang, UK, England, Urban Culture, Street Culture, Depression, Anxiety

Ultra Violenta #1(.PDF) - Portuguese langauge, adult content, photography, collage

Ultra Violenta #2(.PDF) - Portuguese & English language, collage art, comic, quarantine

Ultra Violenta #3(.PDF) - Portuguese, Collage, Pandemic, Illustration, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Art

Untying the Knot(.pdf) Women's Liberation, History, Feminism, Political Theory, Anarchism, Tyranny, Relationships, Marriage, Patriarchy, Elitism

Unusual Bath(.PDF) - comics, illustration, bathing, adventure