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Check out our collection of hundreds of free downloadable pdfs

and links to online readable zines!



Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2023


DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

U ME ANXIETY(.PDF) - Mental Health, Poetry, Prose, London Slang, UK, England, Urban Culture, Street Culture, Depression, Anxiety

Ultra Violenta #1(.PDF) - Portuguese langauge, adult content, photography, collage

Ultra Violenta #2(.PDF) - Portuguese & English language, collage art, comic, quarantine

Ultra Violenta #3(.PDF) - Portuguese, Collage, Pandemic, Illustration, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Art

Uncommon Ecologist's Field Guide, The(.PDF) (Dylan Geiger) - Ecosystem, Backyard, Weeds, Plants, Soil, Nature, Insects, Flowers, Poisonous Plants, Daffodils, Violets, Dandelions

Understanding Capitalist Exploitation(.PDF) -  (Brian Ellis 2010) Unions, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Organizing, Anarchism, Labor History, Capitalism, Ruling Class, Work, Jobs

Understanding the Complexities of Sex Work/Trade and Trafficking(.PDF) -  (Emi Koyama) Sex Workers, Labor Movement, Class Struggle, Organizing, Capitalism, Work, Jobs

Unfair Maiden #1(.pdf) - Wesley Sueker - Goths, Satanism, Heathens, Flower Child, Hippies, Subculture, Demons, Caffeine, Occult, Coffee, Religion, Spirituality, Church, Christians

Unfair Maiden #2(.pdf) - Wesley Sueker - Summer 2001 - LGBTQA+, Transgender, Queer, Goth, Gender, Transition, Microaggressions, Cis People, Soft Bois, Pronouns, Demiboys, Androgyny, Testosterone, Tough Femmes, Friendships

Unfair Maiden #3(.pdf) - Wesley Sueker - Dream Homes, Housing, Moving, Schooling, Homecoming, Punk, Subculture, Taos, Command Strips, Landlords, Property, Rent, Apartments, Collage Art, Stuffed Animals, Zillow, Family, Memories, Perzine, Zines

Unions Against Revolution(.PDF) - UnionsLabor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Organizing, Resistance, Anarchism, Labor History, Capitalism, Revolt, Work, Jobs

Untitled or What to Do If Everyone Gets Arrested(.PDF) - Jail Solidarity, Bail, Police Brutality, Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Protest, Resistance, Activism, DIY Guide, Legal System

Untying the Knot(.pdf) Women's Liberation, History, Feminism, Political Theory, Anarchism, Tyranny, Relationships, Marriage, Patriarchy, Elitism

Unusual Bath(.PDF) - comics, illustration, bathing, adventure

Upping the Anti(.PDF) - Jail Solidarity, Policing, Law Enforcement, Cops, Protest, Resistance, Activism, DIY Guide, Legal System

Using Essential Oils & Aromatherapy(.pdf) - Carol Wiley - DIY Guide, Nature, Health, Healing, Carrier Oil, Diffusers, Sensitivities, Therapeudics, Skin Care, Recipes, Acne, Hair Care, Alopecia, Nail Care, Baths, Massage, Cleaning, Spirituality, Aphrodisiacs

Using InDesign(.pdf) - DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Graphic Design, Technology, Applications, Software, Adobe InDesign

Using Space(.PDF) Squats, Alternative Housing, Homes, Community Spaces, Europe, Resistance, Co-Ops

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