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Wednesday, Jan. 5th, 2022

Queens, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down...(Link) (Kim Chan) Comics, COVID-19, pandemic, Bayanihan, Tagalog, Queens, New York, White Supremacy, Elections, NYC, racism, Trump, Chinese Culture, Asian Culture, BIPOC, AAPI, activism, protest, BLM, Black Lives Matter

Gratis Libre (Link) Poetry, Writing, Compendium, Prose, Short Stories, Ninjas, Quarantine, Deborah Akubudike, Augustine Altomare, Jurgen Shperdhea

Activism As Fetishism(.pdf) (Ann Deslandes, Dec. 2009) - Activist Guides, Fetish, Christianity, Political Theory, History, Australia, Capitalism, Commodities, Psychoanalysis, Sebastian Salgado, Photography, Protest, Brazil, Solidarity, Activism

African Socialism - An Anarchist Critique(.pdf) Socialism, Political Theory, Africa, Anarchism, Marxism, Human Rights, Electoralism, Capitalism, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Corruption, Military

Against Pacifist Liberty(.pdf) (Tom Nom(A)d) - Violence, Non-violence, Activism, Political Theory, Pacifism, Protest, Direct Action, Social Change, Revolutionary Struggle, Military, Police, Tactics

Ah! #1(.pdf) (Tessia Bekelja) - Collage, Art, Love, Prose

Ah! #2(.pdf) (Tessia Bekelja) - Collage, Art, Love, Prose

Anarchism & Sex(.pdf) Political Theory, Anarchism, Sexuality, Consent, Relationships, Free Love, Activism, Anarchists, BDSM, Victorianism, Sex Work, Pornography, Kink, Deviancy

Anarchism vs. Socialism(.pdf) (WM. C. Owen 1922) Political Theory, Anarchism, Socialism, Activism, Capitalism, Revolutionaries, History

But What About Beer?(.pdf) Drugs, Activism, Alcohol, Social Spaces, Protest, Straight Edge

Chiapas Revealed #1(.pdf) (Feb 2001) - Zapatistas, Mexico, Anarchism, Indigenous, Revolution, Anti-Capitalism, EZLN, History, Latin America, CCRI, Elections, Direct Democracy, Community, Organizing, Globalization, Class Struggle, Military, Coffee

Class Struggle in Italy 1960s to 70s(.pdf) Italy, History, Europe, Capitalism, Work, Economy, Cities, Class Struggle, Factories, Unions, Unionism, Hot Autumn, Fiat, Labor Organizing, Strikes, Protest, Corso Traiano

Cops and Klan Go Hand-in-hand(.pdf) (Summer 2019) Police Violence, Racism, White Supremacy, UNC Chapel Hill, Students, Blue Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, BLM, College Campus

Death Rituals and DIY Burials(.pdf) Death, Grief, Loss, Environmentalism, Sustainability, Burials, Funerals, Embalming, DIY Guide, Composting, Ecology, Corpse, Irish Wake, Hindu Rites of Death, Native Rituals

Defense Against Tear Gas(.pdf) Activism Guide, Tear Gas, Police Violence, Non-Lethal Weapons, Protest, Activism

The Democratic Mystification(.pdf) (Jacques Camatte) - Democracy, Elections, Class Struggle, Capitalism, The State, Government, Political Theory, Marxism

Edubabble Fall 2021(.pdf) Poetry, Photography, Art, Education, Teaching, Students, School, Haiku, Pandemic, Prose, 1998, Short Stories, Midwest, Memories, Classes, Spanish Class, Cycling

Fight Standardized Testing(.pdf) (Students Against Testing) - Education, School, Schooling, Teachers, Students, SATs, History

From the Kitchen - Sexism, Anarchism, and Men(.pdf) Men, Pornography, Masculinity, Authoritarianism, Sexuality, Sex, Feminism, Gender, Women, Patriarchy, Relationships, Robots, Technology, Sexism, Recipes, Gender Politics, Slugs, Animals, Nature

Glamarchy Now! #1(.pdf) LGBTQA+, Gender, Sexuality, Identity, Queer, Drag, Relationships, Consent, BDSM, Art, Poetry, Prose, Collage, Drawings

How Nonviolence Protects the State(.pdf) (Peter Gelderloos) - Pacificism, Nonviolence, Violence, The State, Capitalism, Government, Political Theory, Racism, Statism, Patriarchy, Sexism, Direct Action, Activism, Protest

Huey Newton on Black Capitalism(.pdf) Black Culture, Capitalism, Economy, Race, History, Class Struggle, Black Panthers

Imperialism and the Criminalization of the Palestinian People(.pdf) (Carol Baker, Shawn O'Hern) - Palestine, Israel, Mid-East, Middle East, Zionism, Anarchism

Justice From Bean to Cup(.pdf) IWW, Wobblies, Unions, Unionism, Starbucks, Coffee, Labor Movement, Organizing, Class Struggle, Workers, Baristas

Livor Mortis Zine #5(.pdf) Graffiti, Street Art, Tagging, Spraypaint, Urban Art, Photography

On the Frontline, Anarchists at Work(.pdf) Labor Movement, Anarchism, Work, Wages, Class Struggle, Unions, Unionism, Political Theory, Syndicalism, Resistance

Ongoing Police Repression in the Central Valley(.pdf) Police Violence, Police Brutality, Racism, Cops, Law Enforcement, Modesto, California

A Path (and Guide) Towards Storytelling Sovereignty(.pdf) BIPOC, Writing, Writers, Authors, Stories, Marginalized Voices, Racism, Creativity, Creative Industry, Labor Movement, White Exploitation, Media, Academia, Censorship, BIPOC Stories

Quaranzine(.pdf) (Coin Operated Press) - Pandemic, Quarantine, COVID-19, Lockdown, Zoom, Relationships, Poetry, Prose, Art, Photography, Illustrations, Judaism, Queer, Isolation, Disability

Slow Tech Against Chrononormativity(.pdf) (Grant Chinn - May 2021) - Technology, Tech Industry, Workers, Capitalism, Sustainability, Productivity, Exploitation, Reparative Design, Tech Hacks, Hackathons, Silicon Valley, Work, Jobs

Space Squid #10(.pdf) Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Fiction, Oddities, Paranormal, Strange, Erotica, Humpr, Illustrations, Comics

Space Squid #12(.pdf) Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Fiction, Oddities, Paranormal, Strange, Erotica, Humpr, Illustrations, Comics, Prose, Poetry, Eminent Domain, Nerds, Game of Thrones, the Flash

Space Squid #15(.pdf) Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Fiction, Oddities, Paranormal, Strange, Erotica, Humpr, Illustrations, Comics, Animals, Nature, Honeymoon, Pandas, Marriage, UFO, Aliens, Sedona, Arizona

Space Squid #16(.pdf) Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Fiction, Oddities, Paranormal, Strange, Erotica, Humpr, Illustrations, Comics, Shakespeare, Sonnets

Space Squid #17(.pdf) Sci-Fi, Short Stories, Fiction, Oddities, Paranormal, Strange, Erotica, Humpr, Illustrations, Comics, Apocalypse, End Times, Plague

Stockings(.pdf)(Jan-Feb 2014) - New Zealand, Intersectionality, Feminism, Bechdel Test, Photo, Poetry, Prose, Feminist Theory, Paintings, Reproductive Rights, Pro-Choice, Gender Wage Gap, Love, Relationships, Biophilia, Meat Consumption, Vegetarianism, Meat Industry, Gender Politics, Sexual Violence

Stolen Land(.pdf) (Bertita Martinez) - Chicano History, California, Education, Schooling, Manifest Destiny, Indigenous, Mexico, Fascism, America, Latin Culture, Eurocentrism, Whites, US History, Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago, Gold Rush, Texas

Surcharge(.pdf) (Charlie Hawksfield/Heloise Acher - 2020) - Art, Multimedia, Print, Collage, Sketch, Painting, Photo

To Be Queer is to Fight!(.pdf) (July 2021) - Queer, Gender, Sexuality, Resistance, Revolution, Relationships, Protest, Poetry

Vacczine(.pdf) (Coin Operated Press - 2021) - COVID-19, Pandemic, Health, Quarantine, Healthcare Workers, Photo, Doctors, Nurses, Vaccines, Melbourne, Australia, Stories, Prose, Poetry, Illustrations, Lockdown, Isolation, Masks

Yengeç #1(.pdf) Turkish Language, Comics

Yengeç #2(.pdf) Turkish Language, Comics

Yengeç #3(.pdf) Turkish Language, Comics

Yengeç #4(.pdf) Turkish Language, Comics

Monday, Oct. 18th, 2021