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Sunday, Nov. 29th, 2020

Psychopomp(Link to Online Only Zine) (by Emily Orth - 2020) - Illustration, Poetry, Mythology, Spirits, Art, Drawings, Line Art, Philosophy

Gaze #1(Link to Online Only Zine) (Paper Rhino) - Illustration, Artists, Art, Collage, Digital Art, Print

Gaze #2(Link to Online Only Zine) (Paper Rhino) - Illustration, Artists, Art, Collage, Digital Art, Print

Gaze #3(Link to Online Only Zine) (Paper Rhino) - Illustration, Artists, Art, Collage, Digital Art, Print

Gaze #4(Link to Online Only Zine) (Paper Rhino) - Illustration, Artists, Art, Collage, Digital Art, Print

Fuck 2020 or the DIY Guide to Dealing with the Shit-Storming Dread of Life Right Now(.PDF) (by Adam Gnade 2020) - News, Politics, 2020, Elections, Pandemic, Self-Care, Mental Health, Anxiety, Activism

The DOs and DON'Ts of the Wild & Free(.PDF) (by Adam Gnade) - Self-Care, Mental Health, Anxiety, Activism, Advice, Depression, DIY Guide

Reflections of Texas(.PDF) (by Terryce Arionne) - Texas, Photography, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Cityscapes, Urban, Rural, Nature, Texture

Calm After the Storm(.PDF) (Sapphic Writers 2020) - Poetry, Paintings, Photography, Nature, Beach, Illustration, Collage, Police, Pandemic, Mental Health, Landscapes, Phobias, Mountains, Love, Relationships, LGBTQA+

Livor Mortis Zine #6(.PDF) (by Stephen B F Ruttley) - Photography, Abandoned Spaces, Urban, Graffiti, Tunnels, Warehouse

I Am Not Standing By(.PDF) (by Milwaukee Literature Supply) - ICE, Detainment, Homeland Security, Activism, Resistance, William Van Spronsen, Prisones, Tacoma, Washington, Immigration, Borders

Should You Talk to the Police?(.PDF) (by Milwaukee Literature Supply) - Cops, Police, Law Enforcement, Rights, Legality, Laws, Activism Guide

The Only Loyalty You Should Have(.PDF) (Milwaukee Literature Supply - by Hawzhin Azeez) - Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Conflict, War, Anti-Imperialism, Feminism, Terrorism, Activism, ISIS, Sulaimani

Words and Phrases Used by the Radical Left and What They Mean in Normal Terms(.PDF) - Dictionary, Glossary, Lingo, Leftism, Activism Guide

7 Perfectly Legal Ways to Commit Voter Suppression(.PDF) - Elections, Democracy, America, United States, Fraud, Laws, Purges, Voter IDs

If I Could Go Anywhere(.PDF) (by C. Fish) - Minizine, Graphic Design, Love, Adventure, Travel, Cute

So You Wanna Be Commie Scum(.PDF) (by C. Fish) - Minizine, Communism, Anarchism, Leftism, Socialism, Political Theory, Introduction, Humor, DIY Guide

Song of the United Front(.PDF) (by C. Fish) - Minizine, Spanish Civil War, WWII, Song, Lyrics, Bertolt Brecht, Anti-Fascism, Antifa, Leftism, Workers' Movement, Music

A Year in the Wilderness(.PDF) (by Andrew @cavedweller71) - Photography, Collage, Poetry, Prose, Male Nudity, Body, Freedom, Journal, Travelogue, Woods, Mixed Media

Updated: Monday, Sept. 21st, 2020

Creativity During a Pandemic(Link to Online Only Zine) -  Pandmic, Teens, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Art, Artists, Lockdown, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Students, Asian Culture, Essays, Poetry, Music, Illustration, Digital, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Photo, Comics, Collage, Quarantine, Writing

Nightbird #1 - Warm/Cool(Link to Online Only Zine) -  Upstate New York, Rural, Poetry, Finger Lakes, Stories, Summer, Illustration, Abstract Art, Writing, Photography, Nature, Prose, Farms, Agriculture

Fake Dreams(Link to Online Only Zine) -  Poetry, Collage, Perzine, Prose, Memories

To Care and to Give a Shit(.PDF) -  Care, Self-Care, Mental Health, Cariño, Community, Bilingual - Spanish, Family, Despair, Liberation, Mutual Aid, Activism Guide

Is Racism Really Still a Thing?(.PDF) -  Activism Guide, Minizine, Race, Black Culture, BIPOC, Privilege, Systemic, Income Inequality, Allyship, Whiteness

Why Do We the People Riot?(.PDF) -  Activism Guide, Resistance, Organizing, Protests, Violence, Property Destruction, Rioting, Authority, Cops, Injustice, Police, Law

Know Your Rights Because Cops Legally Don't Have To(.PDF) -  Activism Guide, Cops, Policing, Law, Legal, Authority, Arrests, Law Enforcement, Crime

Pizza in the Time of COVID(.PDF) -  Food, Pizza, Quarantine, Quaranzine, Photography, Street, Lockdown, Coronavirus, Belgium, Brussels, Pandemic, Collection, Trash

Fusion Beasts(.PDF) -  Minizine, Humor, Illustration, Fantasy, Creatures, Drawings, Imagination, Nature, Sci-Fi, Animals

Power on the Inside(.PDF) -  BLM, Black Lives Matter, Prisons, Incarceration, Resistance, Abolition, Law Enforcement, Legal

Let the Crops Rot in the Fields(.PDF) -  Prison Slavery, Incarceration, Labor, Abolition, Resistance, Protest, Prisons, Law Enforcement, Legal, Work

Tweaking Armageddon(.PDF) -  Prisons, History, Confinement, Jail, Law Enforcement, Incarceration, Prisoners, Hunger Strikes, Abolition, Imprisonment, Resistance

Night(.PDF) -  Collage, Art, History, Jews, Holocaust, Budapest, Fascism, Concentration Camps, Nazis, Violence, Story, Prose, WWII, Resistance, War

Total Domination(.PDF) -  Collage, Art, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Political Ideology, History, Nazis, Europe, Concentration Camps

Breakfast at Tiffany's(.PDF) -  Collage, Art, Truman Capote, Classic Literature, Southern Gothic

Fuzz #3(.PDF) -  Cleveland, Ohio, Music, Punk, Hardcore, Underground, Illustration, Writing, Interviews, Bands, Stories, Bars, Now That's Class, Poetry, Photography, Record Reviews, Oi, Shows

Passerby(.PDF) -  Cities, Urban, Landscape, Texture, Photography, Poetry, Nature, Buildings, Boston, Massachusetts

The Bike House(.PDF) -  Community, Bicycles, Bikes, Washington D.C., DIY Guide, Bike Repair, Bike Maintenance, Flat Tires, Chains, Spokes, Diagrams

Bike Plague #1(.PDF) -  Bike Scene, Bicycling, Los Angeles, California, Bike Reviews, East LA Bike Oven, Locks, Stories, Interviews, Trips, Bike Safety, Women, Cops, Law Enforcement, Bike Laws, Advice

Bike Plague #2(.PDF) -  Bike Scene, Bicycling, Los Angeles, California, Santa Monica Critical Mass, Hiking, Mt. Josephine, Dating, LA BikeWinter, Racing, Cannonball Run, Scavenger Hunt, Urban Bike Assault, Bike Tours, Movies, Cinema, Drag Racing, History, Interviews

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