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DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from publiczine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

January, 24th, 2023


Ed #2(Link) - May 1997 - Brian Boies - Partying, Memories, Perzine, Travel, Hitchhiking, Writing, Texas, Corpus Christi, Sex

10 Things I Hate About You... And Your Unattainable Houses(.pdf) Film, Teen Movies, Teen Girls, Mean Girls, Breakfast Club, Cinema, Movies, Quotes, Collage

Activist Approach to Domestic Violence, An(.pdf) Activism, Assault, Relationships, Abuse, Sexual Violence

Birth as Power(.pdf) (Bloom Collective) - Organic Childbirth, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Birthing, Midwife, How-To Guide, DIY Guide, Nutrition, Prenatal

Camp Trans Gender Camp Zine(.pdf) (Chicago Camp Trans Planning Committee) - Gender, Transgender, LGTBQA+, Genderfluid, Michigan, Illinois, Music Festival, Pronouns, Non-Binary

Confidence. Courage. Connection. Trust. - A Proposal for Security Culture(.pdf) Activism, How-To, Organizing, Technology, Security Culture, Privacy

Cunt Coloring Book, The(.pdf) (Tee Corinne) - Coloring Book, Illustration, Vagina, Genitals, Health, Medical, Sex Education

D.I.Y. Hand Bookbinding Handbook(.pdf) (M.M. Rooney) - DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Bookbinding, Binding, Bookmaking

Eduexperiences(.pdf) (Safiyya Bintali) - Education, Work, Teaching, Schooling, Comics, Students, Educators

Evict This!(.pdf) Eviction, Housing, Foreclosure, California, Oakland, Renting, Landlords, Banks, How-To Guide, DIY Guide, Activism

Fangs Out #1(.pdf) (2022) Writing, Poetry, Prose, Illustration, Mixed Media, Stream of Consciousness, Love

Fire to the Prisons #4: 4 Years Later(.pdf) (Tom Nomad) Middle East, Mid-East, Arab Spring, Anarchism, Activism, Iraq, ISIS, Iran, War, Fighting, Ukraine, Syria, Riojava

Flax Into Linen - Step-By-Remarkable-Step(.pdf) (Chuck Trapkus, 1989) - Fashion, DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Cloth, Thread, Sewing, Spinning

Gender Fuck Me(.pdf) (Jess Dugan, 2003) - Queer, LGBTQA+, Gender, Trans, Non-Binary, Genderfluid, Illustration, Sex, Romance, Relationships

Hands on Punk - a Punk Poster Zine(.pdf) Art, Punk, Flyers, Posters, Graphic Design, Collage

I Love You, But #1(.pdf) (Stephanie Knipe) - Emotional Abuse, Relationships, Gaslighting, Control, Cis-Men

Kermesse #26(.pdf) (August 2022) - Art, Collage, Mail Art, French Language, Photography, African Music, Akwaaba Music, Painting, Prints, Adverts, Vintage, Neal Adams, Headlines, Drawings, Popcorn Music, Urban Autopsy, Folklore, Digital Comics Museum, Belgium

Kermesse #27(.pdf) (Sept. 2022) - Vintage Comics, Collage, Drawings, Belgium, Feather Bowling, French Language, Lucrezia Borgia, Bal de L'internaf, Zines, Graphic Design, Paris, Postcards, Posters, Flyers, Mail Art, Michael Goetz, Adverts

Kermesse #29(.pdf) (Nov. 2022) - Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, French Language, Vintage Comics, Illustrations, Drawings, Collage, Zines, Cinema, Mail Art, Scopitone, Frank Lloyd Wright, Painting, Adverts

Kermesse #30(.pdf) (Dec. 2022) - Collage, Photo, Street Art, Vintage Comics, Illustrations, Drawings, Zines, Mail Art, DJ Marcelle, Poetry, French Language, Adverts

Kermesse #31(.pdf) (Jan. 2023) - Poetry, French Language, Old Photos, Collage, Cretins, Tijuana Bible, Asian Metal, Illustrations, Adverts, Nepal, Metal Music, Mail Art, Street Art, Sculpture, Gabriel Albert, Vintage Comics

Make It So #1(.pdf) (Feb. 1989) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings

Make It So #2(.pdf) (Aug. 1989) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings, Comics, Prose

Make It So #3(.pdf) (Feb.1990) - Star Trek, The Next Generation. Sci-Fi, Fanzine, Fan Fiction, Fanfic, TNG, Short Stories, Poetry, Fan Art, Drawings, Comics, Prose

Mondo Mysterium #1(.pdf) (Nov. 2021) - Cinema, Hard and Violent, Pierced, Return of Traces, Film Reviews, Cult Movies, Genre, Obscure

Mondo Mysterium #2(.pdf) (Dec. 2021) - Cinema, Cult Movies, Obscure, Film Reviews, Il Piacere e il Mistero, the Underbelly of America, Death Fest

Mother Earth: A Native Perspective(.pdf) (Native Resistance Network, May 2012) - Native, Indigenous, Western World, Haudenosaunee, Occupations, Resources, Environmentalism, Ecology, Nature, Manhatten, Manna-Hata, Lenape

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #001(.pdf) (Mal, May 24, 2020) - Pop, Punk, Music, George Michael, Fan Fiction

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #002(.pdf) (Mal, May-August 2020) - Pop, Punk, Music, Wham!, Crass, Comics, Chumbawamba, Fan Fiction, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #003(.pdf) (Mal, Feb. 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Fan Fiction, Crass, Chumbawamba, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #004(.pdf) (Mal, May 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Sea Shanties, Beethoven, Nun Attax, 5GDTTS?, Cliff Richard, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #005(.pdf) (Mal, June 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Irish Queer Punk, Playlists, Guitar Pedals, Drawings, Reviews

My Anarcho-Pop Zine #006(.pdf) (Mal, Sept. 2021) - Pop, Punk, Music, Manic Street Preachers, Brett Smiley, Movies, Pirate Radio, Drawings

Nationalism and Culture(.pdf) (Rudolph Rocker, 1993) - Economy, Nationalism, Religion, Political Theory, Middle Ages, The State, Church, Power, National State, Reformation, Absolutism, Europe, America, Liberalism, Democracy, German Philosophy, Romaticism, Socialism, Morals, Language, Race Theory

Our Library Crushes(.pdf) Zine Librarians, Zine Libraries, Cute, Minizine

Out of the Ring(.pdf) (Divyank Jain, Dec. 2022) - Fiction, Short Story, Boxer, Boxing, Psychological

Pathologize This! #2(.pdf) TW: Suicide & Sexual Assault Mentions - Mental Health, Grief, Writing, Prose, Photo, Anxiety, Depression, Self Harm, Medical Fatphobia, Sexual Abuse, Consent, Sex, ADD, ADHD, Medication, Manic Depression, MDMA, Therapy

Post-Roe TX(.pdf) (Fall 2022) - Austin, Texas, Abortion, Reproductive Rights, Roe vs. Wade, Pro-Choice, Clinics, Abortion Networks, Green Wave, Green Tide

Q For Treason #10 - Exploring British Columbia Ghost Towns(.pdf) Decay, Urban Exploration, Travel, Perzine, Canada, Hitchhiking

Queer Voices #1(.pdf) (Autumn 2008) LGBTQA+, Homosexuality, Activism, Poetry, Art, Resistance, Pride, Anarchist Communism, Queer Liberation, Patriarchy, Anarchism

Rad Dad #3(.pdf) Radical Parenting, Fatherhood, Families, Child Raising, Pirate Papas, Heteronormativity, Father Figures, Queer, LGBTQA+, Drugs

Red River Radical #2: Science Fiction Utopia & the Radical Imagination(.pdf) (May 2011) - Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Radical Politics, Political Theory, Post Apocalyptic, Avatar, Ursula K. LeGuin

Second Flowerings(.pdf) Plants, Flowers, Nature, Blooms, Biodiversity, Climate Action, Art, Photo, Illustration, Desert, Vegetation, Poetry, Prose, Floral Illustrations, Digital Art, Trees, Oak, Corn, Pressing Flowers

Self-Publishing & Employment(.pdf) Activism, How-To Guide, DIY Guide, Zines, Zinemaking, Workshops, Blogs, Blogging, Community Publishing, Print-On-Demand, Editing, Public Speaking, Content Generation

Soft Star Magazine #1(.pdf) (Fall 2022) - Optimistic Futurism, Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Prose, Short Stories, Essays, Movies, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Sci-Fi

Trans Folks Fight Back!(.pdf) (Skip Teauxmelou, Alyx Trouble) -Queer, LGBTQA+, Resistance, Stonewall, Activism, Queer History, Cooper's Donuts, Dewey's, Comptom's Cafeteria, Vanguard, Rioting, Riots, S.T.A.R., Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, Marsha P. Johnson, Storme Delaverie, Houston, Texas

Using InDesign(.pdf) - DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Graphic Design, Technology, Applications, Software, Adobe InDesign

Veganism 101(.pdf) (Kutztown Veg Club) - DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Vegan, Vegetarianism, Dietary, Food, Eating, Health, Animal Cruelty, Animal Liberation

Worst, The #1(.pdf) Grief, Death, Loss, Mourning, Funeral, Family, Friends

Yeast of Your Worries, The(.pdf) (Erica Zelfand, Winter 2006) - DIY Guide, How-To Guide, Sexual Health, Vagina, Yeast Infection, Medication, Diet, Herbology

Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, 2022

Screaming and Screaming into the Void(Link) - Writing, Art, Collage, Telephone, Speech, Language, Disability, Hearing Loss, Hearing Disabilities, Deafness, Sign Language, Audism, Voice

The Q&A Queerzine #1(Link) - Poetry, Prose, Writing, Queer, LGTBQA+, Illustration, Art, Collage, Photo, Drawing

The Q&A Queerzine #2(Link) - Poetry, Prose, Writing, Queer, LGTBQA+, Illustration, Art, Collage, Photo, Drawing

Wait... What Happened? #001(Link) - Politics, Perzine, Police, Cops, Racism, Law Enforcement, DIY, Activism, How-To Guide, Homelessness, ANTIFA, antifascism, fascism, cowboys

An Antidote - Reflections on Queer Shame(.pdf) (Jan. 2020) - Queer, LGBTQA+, Comics, Illustration, Art, Relationships, Love, Gender, Trans, Men, Masculinity

ANTIFA Super Soldier Training Manual #1 - Strength Training(.pdf) Exercise, Lifting, Weights, Bodybuilding, Barbells, Dumbbells, Athletic Training, Powerlifting, Body Positivity, Activism Guide, DIY Gym, Nutrition, Muscles

The Bandit Zine - Feminism(.pdf) (TW: Sexual Assault) - Feminism, Intersectionality, Poetry, Art, Teenagers, Body Positivity, Consent, Abuse, Writing, Marriage, Queer, LGBTQA+, Drag, Gender, Women, Relationships, School, Family

The Bandit Zine - Gender Stories(.pdf) Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Queer, LGBTQA+, Gender, Body Dysmorphia, Trans, Pronouns, Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Memories, Family, Femininity, Masculinity

The Bandit Zine - R*pe Culture & Sexual Assault(.pdf) (TW - R*pe, Sexual Assault) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Comics, Collage, Consent, Sexual Violence, Control, Catcalling, Trauma, Street Harassment

The Bandit Zine - Alt Fashion & D.I.Y.(.pdf) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Fashion, Modeling, Alt Models, Affordability, Street Wear, Drag, Sewing, How-To Guide, Body Positivity, Tutorials, Shapewear, Thrifting, Queer, Pin-up

The Bandit Zine - The Sex Issue(.pdf) (TW - R*pe, Sexual Assault) Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Sexuality, Love, Relationships, Stories, Body Hair, Pubic Hair, Gender, Consent, Submissive, Masturbation, Desire, Heartbreak, Sex Toys, Spanking, Safe Sex, Painting, Orgasms, Virginity, Vaginas, Queer

The Bandit Zine - Love & Heartbreak(.pdf) (TW - R*pe, Abuse, Sexual Assault) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Love, Relationships, Stories, Sex, Heartbreak, Sexuality, Friendship, Feelings, Comics, Valentines, Drawings, Self Love, Pet Names, Asexuality, Asexual, Ace, Sexual Violence, Queer

The Bandit Zine - Body Image & Sizeism(.pdf) - Poetry, Prose, Photo, Art, Writing, Illustration, Fatness, Body Dysmorphia, Body Positivity, Weight, Weight Loss, Diet, Genderqueer, Drawings, Thinness, Privilege, People of Color, Queer, Hunger, Nutrition, Elle Magazine

Becoming Imperceptible(.pdf) (Seraphina Violet Cueller) - Poetry, Prose, Writing, Photo

Butchfag(.pdf) (Rena Yehuda Newman - Oct. 2020) - Queer, LGBTQA+, Shame, Collage, Art, Love, Relationships, Writing, Poetry, Prose, Gender, Jewish Culture, Comics

Destroy Your Lawn!(.pdf) Grass, Lawns, Landscaping, Property, Ecology, Nature, Ecosystem, America, Suburbs, Mowing, Activism Guide, How-To Guide

House of Jacob/People Israel: A Trans Jewish Zine(.pdf) (Rena Yehuda Newman - April 2017) - Queer, LGBTQA+, Gender, Religion, Jewish Culture, Judaism, Art, Comics, Illustration

I Dislike Social Media(.pdf) (Di - 2022) - Technology, Computers, Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Comics, Influencers, Likes, Collage Art, Selfies, Posting, Online, Internet

I'm Too Ace for This(.pdf) (Nicky Rodriguez) - Queer, LGBTQA+, Gender, Asexuality, Asexual, Ace, Bisexuality, Comics

Ken Chronicles #63(.pdf) (May 2022) - Winter, Florida, Apple, Alan Turing, Technology, Computers, Memories, Family, Birding, Bird Watching, US Census, COVID-19, Pandemic, Perzine

Kermesse #24(.pdf) French Language, Collage, Art, Found, Graphics, Flyers, Photo, Adverts, Ads, Brochures, Pamphlets, Clipart, Vintage, Postal, Mail Art, Illustration, Posters, Cut Outs, Clippings, Magazines, Book Covers, Recipes, Design, Lists, Print

Law & Morality(.pdf)(Craig Rosebraugh) - Political Theory, Law, Law Enforcement, Morales, Values, Legality, Crime, The State, Animal Rights, Humanity

Mather/Fother #1(.pdf) Radical Parenting, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Children, Poetry, Prose, Advice, Death, Grief

Maximum Preservation #2(.pdf) (DC Public Library 2015) - Technology, Computers, File Systems, Archiving, Archives, Cataloging, Digital, Digitizing, Data, How-To Guide, Media, Artifacts, Photos, Videos, Collections

Methods of Anarcho-Syndicalism(.pdf) (Rudolf Rocker) - Political Theory, Anarchism, Syndicalism, Workers, Labor Movement, Working Class, Class Politics, Class War, Tactics, Strike, Activism Guides, Work, Labor, Unions

Migraine(.pdf) (Nicky Rodriguez) - Health, Headaches, Pain, Migraine, Stress, Comics, Q&A

Miner Conflicts, Major Contradictions(.pdf) (July 1984) -  Workers, Labor Movement, Working Class, Class Politics, Class War, Tactics, Strike, Labor History, Britain, UK, England, Work, Labor, Unions, British Miners Strike, Poverty, Classism

Queen of the Bugs(.pdf) (Mary Elizabeth Evans - 2017) - Kid-Friendly, Children, Story, Insects, Illustration, Bugs, Nature, Cute, Comics

Queering Chicanismo(.pdf) Queer, LGBTQA+, Mexican-American Culture, Heritage, Chicano Nationalist Movement, People of Color, Heteronormativity, Machismo, Toxic Masculinity, Marriage, Family, Joey Terrill, Gay Youth Groups, Collage, Art, HIV/AIDs

Succubus(.pdf) (Seraphina Violet Cueller) - Poetry, Prose, Writing, Photo

The Testosterone Survey Zine(.pdf) (Rena Yehuda Newman) - Health, Transgender, Transition, Hormones, Comics, Medical Industry, Medication, How-To Guide, Medical Study, Queer, Gender, LGBTQA+

When Will This Wild End Ride?(.pdf) (Sigi Uhm 2022) - Poetry, Prose, Writing, Queer, LGBTQA+

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