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DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from publiczine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Tuesday, Sept. 26th, 2023


500 Years of Indigenous Resistance(.PDF) - Colonization, Political History, Native History, Native Peoples, America, Kwakiuti, First Peoples, Genocide, Christopher Colombus, Land, European Settlements, United States, Manifest Destiny, Indian Wars, Canada, Civil War, Slavery

2020/10/03(.PDF) (Bruno Vilas Boas) - Photography, Black & White, Landscapes, Architecture, Portugal, Seaside, Oceanside, Industrial, Urban Decay

Avant Gardening Spring 2015(.PDF) - Seedlings, Vegetables, Gardens, Resistance, Growing Food, Lawns, Water, Recipes, Poetry, Composting, Chickweed, Dandelions, Nature

Bleeding Ache, The(.PDF) (Sharin F. Ali) - Poetry, Prose, Mental Health, Depression, Self-Harm, Substance Use, Anxiety, PTSD

Cool Tips for Cool People that Collect Records(.PDF) (2023) - Record Collecting, Hobbies, Music, Minizine

Dashboard Flowers(.PDF) (Mikey No Sunshine) - Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Perzine, Photography, Black & White, Illustrations

Edible Forest Gardening(.PDF) (Dave Sansone) - Sustainability, Food, Foraging, Nature, Plants, Trees, Gardening, Cultivation

Escapist Artist, The #64: Boyworshipper Part 2(.PDF) (Jolie Ruin - Feb. 2021) - Crushes, Relationships, Love, Partners, Romance

Everybody's Daughter(.PDF) (Sharin F. Ali) - TW: Sexual Assault, Abuse, Suicide Ideation - Poetry, Prose, Disordered Eating

Fangs Out #2(.PDF) Comics, Black & White

Fluffy Hair(.PDF) (Nobel J. Harte) - Poetry, LGBTQA+, Queer, Crush, Love, Romance, Relationships, Bisexuality

Ghost Town(.PDF) (Bruno Vilas Boas - 2023) - Photography, Black & White, Urban Decay, Industrial, Oil Refineries, Decommissioning

God in the Radio - Manic Love Poems(.PDF) (Tazza Moon - Spring 2023) - Poetry, Prose, Love, Relationships, Crushes, Partners, Romance

Goodnight Cruel World, See You in the Morning(.PDF) (Jason Tan) - Collage, Poetry, Prose, Prayer, Spirituality, Illustration, Mixed Media, Fiction, Short Stories, Love, Betrayal

Hallow Zine, The(.PDF) Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Horror, Spooky, Tales, Short Stories, Halloween, Creepy, Haunting, Evil

Halloween Then and Now(.PDF) Halloween, Samhain, October, Spooky Season, Collage, Costumes, Feminism, Girls, Sexism, Essays, Poetry, Teenagers, Misogyny, Sexy Costumes

I am the Fire(.PDF) (Nobel J. Harte) - Poetry, Love, Kissing

I Survived(.PDF) (Bruno Villas Boas - June 2022) - Trespassing, Photography, Portugal, Urban Decay, Abandoned, Architecture, Landscape, Black & White, Texture, Factories, Warehouses

Je Suis Je Suis - A Minizine About OCD(.PDF) (Monica Paige - 2014) - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mental Health, Anxiety, Minizine

Kenny's Maze-Zine of Spooky Mazetoriums(.PDF) Mazes, Games, DIY, Humor

Little Punk Music, A(.PDF) (2023) Bands, Folk Punk, Touring, Minizine, Mischief Brew, Destroy Boys, Flummox, Soapbox Deluxe, Laura Jane Grace, Pinkshift

Mowing Dead Lawns #1(.PDF) (Ashes Galore) TW: Talk of Suicide - Perzine, Punk Culture, Age, Subculture, Records, Music, Record Stores, Death, Suicide, Bands, DIY, Roommates, Punk Houses, Weed, Marijuana

My Red Dream is Everything(.PDF) (Amanda S. & Andrew W.) Photography, Nature, Color, Black & White, Portrait, Experimental, Forest, Prose, Poetry

Non-Monogamous Relationships(.PDF) Romance, Love, Partners, Relationships, Open Relationships, Polyamory

Ollyollyoxenfree! #2(.PDF) DIY, How-To, Games, Play, Gaming, Fun

Poems I Would Have Written Had I Known Earlier(.PDF) (Lexi Chomps) - Minizine, Poetry, Prose, LGTBQA+, Transgender

Post-It Proclamations(.PDF) Humor, Post-Its, Minizine

Promise of Deschooling, The(.PDF) (Matt Hern - 1998) - Education, Children, Schooling, Learning, School

Puerto Rico: US Colony in the Caribbean(.PDF) (José G. Pérez - 1987) - Colonialism, Imperialism, United States, Independence, Oppression, Unemployment, Socialism, Political History

Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline, A(.PDF) (Charlotte Cooper - 2011) - Zines, Feminism, Body Positivity, Fat Activism, LGBTQA+, Queer, Culture, Archives, Political Theory 

Queers with Disabilities: An Annotated Bibliography(.PDF) LGTBQA+, Queer, Disability, Health, Mental Health, Resources, Media, Lists

Roof Work in Brussels(.PDF) (2021) Photography, Architecture, Minizine

Scavenger Hunt Zine #1(.PDF) (Zoe Fay) Games, Fun, Play, Spells, Magic

Slavery is Alive, Well and Thriving in the U.S.A.(.PDF) (Scott Smith - 2022) Abolition, Prison, Jail, Prison Labor, Prisoners, Japanese, Authority

Strange Handshakes(.PDF) (2020) Photography, Trash, Litter, Streets, Pandemic, Minizine

Street-pirations(.PDF) (2020) Photography, Trash, Litter, Streets, Pandemic, Minizine, Masks

Summer in the Suburbs(.PDF) (Jen - 2005) Summer, Seasons, Canada, August, Perzine, Poetry, Prose, Love, Relationships

Sunset Bliss(.PDF) (Nobel J. Harte) Love, Crush, Romance, Relationships

Tron Zine(.PDF) Minizine, Collage, Movies, Tron, Robots

Uncommon Ecologist's Field Guide, The(.PDF) (Dylan Geiger) - Ecosystem, Backyard, Weeds, Plants, Soil, Nature, Insects, Flowers, Poisonous Plants, Daffodils, Violets, Dandelions

Using Space(.PDF) Squats, Alternative Housing, Homes, Community Spaces, Europe, Resistance, Co-Ops

Violence Against Native Women(.PDF) TW: Sexual & Physical Abuse, Indigenous, Native Peoples, Women, Feminism, Domestic Assault, Relationships, Marriage, Murder, Statistics, Crime

Way Things are Going, They're Gonna Crucify Me(.PDF) Trans, Rant, LGBTQA+, Queer, Minizine, Texas

Women of Noise #1(.PDF) Feminism, Music, Bands, Noise, Art, Musicians, Collage, Gender, LGBTQA+, Photography, Concerts, Shows, Performances, Interviews, Queercore

xZinecorex: An Introduction(.PDF) Feminism, Music, Bands, Noise, Art, Musicians, Collage, Gender, LGBTQA+, Photography, Concerts, Shows, Performances, Interviews, Queercore

Young, Homeless, & Vulnerable - The Plight of the Kayayo Girls of Ghana(.PDF) Poverty, Girlhood, Porters, Homelessness, Africa

Zines and the Library(.PDF) (Richard A. Stoddart and Teresa Kiser) - Zines, Publications, Cataloging, Libraries, Small Press, Archives, Collections

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