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Austin Local Resources

Monkeywrench Books is an all-volunteer event space, literature distro, and social hub in Austin, TX

Inside Books Project is an Austin-based community service volunteer organization that sends free books and educational materials to prisoners in Texas. Inside Books is the only books-to-prisoners program in Texas, where over 140,000 people are incarcerated.

Resistencia Books is a Native American/Chicana/o/x/Latina/o/x-based cultural arts organization with a history of working within indigenous communities of Austin since 1983.

Bookwoman's mission is to promote and elevate marginalized voices through literature, we strive to stock titles that you would not be able to find at big box stores.

Virtual Gonzo Zine Library is a zine reading list and miniature zine distro from antifascist activist and journalist Kit O'Connell 

Town Talk Library is an independent library and archive based in Austin, Texas. At the Library’s heart is a non-circulating collection of vintage & contemporary zines that we share with the community via pop-up events, workshops, and meetups.

Lone Star Zine Fest is a free, fun, all-ages event featuring zine creators, collectives, distributors, retailers, libraries, and small presses sharing their amazing work and showcasing the diversity of expression made possible by independent- and self-publishing. The Fest is organized by a small group of zine-loving volunteers who are passionate about creating space for zine creators and zine fans to come together.

STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo is the premiere event in the Southwest for independently created comics, zines, art, crafts, games and more, with over 200 exhibiting artists, hours of panels, programming, and on & off-site events.

Austin Public Library's Zine Collection is a growing and diverse collection of non-circulating zines at one of the coolest libraries in the country.

University of Texas Zines at the Fine Arts Library started collecting zines in 2012. The zines in our collection represent a wide range of subcultures, viewpoints, hobbies, artistic practices, and activist movements. There is an emphasis on collection zines related to music, art and creative writing.  We also try to include the work of local and regional zinesters.

Treasure City Thrift believes that thrift stores by definition should be thrifty. So we are. By selling items in our store at lower prices than other local retail and thrift shops, we are affordable to all, opening our doors to a truly diverse set of folks. There's a shelf of free zines and literature always full here!

End of an Ear is an amazing local record shop specializing in a variety of media from vinyl to CDs, books, and zines.

Zine Libraries

& Collections

Barnard Zine Library - Barnard's zines are created by women and non-binary people, a collection emphasis on zines by women of color and a newer effort to acquire more zines by trans women.

Queer Zine Archive Project is a Milwaukee-based community archive dedicated to preserving queer zines and queer zine culture. Part of the archive's mission is to make the collection accessible through digitizing these zines and making them publicly accessible in an online format.

Denver Zine Library is a non profit organization founded in 2003 whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote the culture of zines and self published original work through archival collection, workshops and events. The Denver Zine Library currently houses one of the largest zine collections in North America with a preserved collection of over 20,000 independent and alternative zines. The organization is entirely volunteer run, and the public can access the full library and archives during open hours.

Papercut Zine Library is a free, volunteer-run browsing library with a collection of 16,000+ zines & independent media. Including but not limited to: politics, comics, multimedia, DIY guides, queer & gender politics, feminism, race, class, foreign language zines, bikes, travel, health/sex, XXX, parenting/education, environment/animals, religion/spirituality, humor, art/film, fiction/poetry, and music. was created in 2007 to share resources regarding collections, programming, preservation, and the promotion of zine collections beyond the email list.

Stay tuned for more links!

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