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Updated: Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these zines are posted through submission/permission of the zinemakers or come from public zine sharing sites. Please do not upload these zines to your
site without seeking permission from the zinemakers first. 

Palm Tree Popsicle #1(.PDF) - art, photography, collage, mixed media, political commentary, Texas

Pandemic Ponderings(.PDF) -  Lockdown, Quarantine, Collage, Art

Passerby(.PDF) -  Cities, Urban, Landscape, Texture, Photography, Poetry, Nature, Buildings, Boston, Massachusetts

Passive Voice is For Cowards(.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Protests, Activism, Mini-Zine, Journalism, Language

A Path (and Guide) Towards Storytelling Sovereignty(.pdf) BIPOC, Writing, Writers, Authors, Stories, Marginalized Voices, Racism, Creativity, Creative Industry, Labor Movement, White Exploitation, Media, Academia, Censorship, BIPOC Stories

Pathologize This! #2(.pdf) TW: Suicide & Sexual Assault Mentions - Mental Health, Grief, Writing, Prose, Photo, Anxiety, Depression, Self Harm, Medical Fatphobia, Sexual Abuse, Consent, Sex, ADD, ADHD, Medication, Manic Depression, MDMA, Therapy

Penemue(.PDF) - Chapbook, poetry, photography, digital art

Penguins Out of Water(.PDF)  Children's, Kids, Cute, Penguins, Animals

Pepperspray, CS, and Other Less Lethal Weapons(.PDF) - Policing, Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, Protest, Resistance, Activism, DIY Guide

Pigiama #1(.PDF) - Italian & English language, illustration, art, poetry, prose, herbalism, photography

Pigs(.PDF) - Policing, Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, Protest, Resistance, Activism, Perzine, Cops

Pizza in the Time of COVID(.PDF) -  Food, Pizza, Quarantine, Quaranzine, Photography, Street, Lockdown, Coronavirus, Belgium, Brussels, Pandemic, Collection, Trash

Play! Fight!(.pdf) - Kinky Sex, Political Theory, Fetishism, Kink, Sex, Consent, Politics, Anarchomasochism, Anarchism, Body Politics, Perversion

A Plea For Captain John Brown(.PDF) - History, Slavery, Violence, Abolition, Protest, Resistance, Activism, DIY Guide

Pleasure Not Duty(.pdf) Families, Relationships, Sex, Liberation, Anarchism, Radical Love, Jealousy, Sexual Freedom

POC Zine Making and Self-Preservation(.PDF) - Zines, POC Culture, Protest, Resistance, Activism, DIY Guide, Self-Care, Mental Health, Art, Writing

Poems I Would Have Written Had I Known Earlier(.PDF) (Lexi Chomps) - Minizine, Poetry, Prose, LGTBQA+, Transgender

Police Killing In the Fields(.PDF) - California, Policing, Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, Protest, Resistance, Activism, Cops

Police State Funnies #1(.PDF) - Humor, Policing, Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, Protest, Resistance, Cops

Police: Policing and Life Without Police(.PDF) - Policing, Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, Protest, Resistance, Activism, Cops

Politicians Love Gun Control(.pdf) Weapons, Guns, NRA, Politics, 2nd Amendment, Rights, Arms, Culture, Armed Resistance

Post-It Proclamations(.PDF) Humor, Post-Its, Minizine

Post-Roe TX(.pdf) (Fall 2022) - Austin, Texas, Abortion, Reproductive Rights, Roe vs. Wade, Pro-Choice, Clinics, Abortion Networks, Green Wave, Green Tide

Postcard Travels Flipbook - California(.PDF)  (@Kitschygma) - Postcards, Travel, Photo, Paper Ephemera, Souvenirs, Retro, Vintage, Tourism, Scrapbook

Power on the Inside(.PDF) -  BLM, Black Lives Matter, Prisons, Incarceration, Resistance, Abolition, Law Enforcement, Legal

A Practical Guide to Prisoner Support(.PDF) - Jail Solidarity, Prisons, DIY Guide, Legal System, Law Enforcement, Protest, Resistance, Activism

A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Identity(.PDF) - Information, Privacy, Data, DIY Guide, Protest, Resistance, Activism

Pregnant & On the Job - Your Legal Rights (.PDF) - Workers, Mothers, Pregnancy, Legal Rights, Guide, Working Class, Class Struggle, Capitalism, Economy, Work, Labor, Jobs

Pride in Our Work(.PDF) - Domestic Workers, Cleaners, Housekeepers, National Domestic Workers Alliance, NDWA, Activism Guide, La Colectiva de Mujeres, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Migrant Labor

A Primer to Police Crowd Control Tactics and Frameworks(.PDF) - Policing, Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, Protest, Resistance, Activism, DIY Guide, Cops, Riots

Prison and Prison Abolition(.PDF) - Prisons, Solidarity, Abolition, DIY Guide, Legal System, Resistance, Activism

The Prison Industrial Complex(.PDF) - Policing, Law Enforcement, Prisons, Solidarity, Abolition, DIY Guide, Legal System, Resistance, Activism

Privilege and Solidarity(.PDF) -  Protest, Resistance, Activism, Racism, Privilege, Identity

Promise of Deschooling, The(.PDF) (Matt Hern - 1998) - Education, Children, Schooling, Learning, School

Promoting Your Union(.PDF) - Unions, Activism Guide, Labor Movement, Workers, Class Struggle, Workplace, Promotion, Organizing

Proposal for an Anarchist People of Color Network(.pdf) Anarchism, BIPOC, Political Theory, Race, Culture, Movement, Activism, Networking, Community

Protect Yourself(.PDF) - Police Brutality, Policing, Law Enforcement, Legal System, DIY Guide, Cops, Protest, Resistance, Activism

Protesting 101(.PDF) -  DIY Guide, Protest, Resistance, Activism

Puerto Rico: US Colony in the Caribbean(.PDF) (José G. Pérez - 1987) - Colonialism, Imperialism, United States, Independence, Oppression, Unemployment, Socialism, Political History

Punk Politics (And More!)(.PDF)  Music, Punk, Scene, Culture, Subculture, Bands, Politics, Anarcho-Punk, History, Riot Grrrl, Zines

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